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Do you have any resolutions that you've kept?

Asked by RandomGirl (3357points) December 26th, 2012

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and along with it comes all of those wonderful resolutions. I thought it’d be encouraging to read stories of success from some wonderful jellies.
Do you have any resolutions (made at the start of a year or otherwise) that you’ve kept?
What brought you to that turning point?
Was it a slow realization, or did it happen all at once?
How long has it been since making this change?
What (or who) encouraged you to change, and kept you from turning back?
Did you backslide at all? If so, what brought you back?
How did you change? If you were breaking a habit, did you go cold turkey or did you ease into it?

I’m looking forward to reading some very interesting and motivational stories!

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Shit, this has been a full year for me. At the start of this year I was on a medical leave of absence from college and was recovering from surgeries. I was mere weeks away from going back. All I wanted out of the year was to make that transition successfully.

I had completed only a single quarter prior to my leave, and was miserable all throughout it. I was physically and mentally unwell. Going back was scary, and I didn’t expect it to go very smoothly. But…it did. I had grown as a person throughout my coping period with my surgeries, and the surgeries had made me physically stronger too. My return was downright triumphant. I’ve gone on to view college as the happiest time of my life, so far.

Wow, it’s hard to believe all of that was just a year ago.

I haven’t thought about what my resolution for this year will be! I’m so happy and satisfied, I almost think I don’t need one.

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Yes. I do my best to avoid making ones I don’t think I will keep.

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I gave up soda. I quit drinking it entirely for a year, then I fell back into a Diet Coke habit, but stopped again last NY, and now I drink soda very rarely. I don’t mind that I have it every now and then, it’s better than drinking it daily, which I was doing before. I’m not even sure why I drank so much Diet Coke, it doesn’t even taste good. I really think it is addictive.

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@ETpro Oh yes! I resolve to make no resolutions and then don’t feel at all bad!

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@SomeoneElse Works to avoid breaking a resolution, but it fails at the fundamental reason for making them, self improvement.

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When I was 12 I made a New Year’s resolution to stop biting my nails I haven’t since that day. However, permanent damage was done. The quick of my nails is much further down the nails than it would have been if I’d never bitten them. If wishes were horses. . . .

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I never made any since I know I’d never keep them. But maybe this year I should. But not a hard one, like stopping smoking. A different one! One I can manage.

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I became a vegetarian for a year. It wasn’t because of health or moral reasons but more to see if I was capable of doing it and if I had the will power to stick to it. I did and then the following New Years eve I got a 16oz black and blue New York strip steak. Tasted sooooooooooo fuckin good :P

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^ Black and blue is my favourite way to eat a steak. Mmmm… Of course I haven’t had a steak in six months.

I did manage to lose weight this year! That was pretty cool.

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I quit drinking on New Years a couple years ago. I still have a drink here and there, but it’s only so I don’t have to carry the recovering alcoholic label.

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I’ve never successfully kept a resolution that I made on January 1st, but I have kept the one I made on July 9th this year to quit smoking.

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Yay! I love it when people quit smoking.

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Yea I got better internet and stop watching porn…he he

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I never was able to keep one. But I was never able to make one, either.

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I started exercising and have been diligently ever since i started the resolution. Im not perfectly happy with the results though.

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I’ve kept every single one. Of course, that’s because I don’t make resolutions. I just do what I do. Basically, I resolve to do what I want to do, not what I think I should do, but don’t really want to do. If I don’t really want to do something, it won’t get done. I can’t fake myself into doing it my making a pretend resolution that is really just a wish. Honestly, I have never understood resolutions. Either you do something, or you don’t. No resolution is ever necessary.

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Many years ago I made a promise to myself to be happy every single day for the rest of my life, and so far I have kept that promise.

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Not that I can remember.

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