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If you found a bag of weed, what would you do?

Asked by dalepetrie (18002points) December 26th, 2012

No wrong answers here. Just let’s say you were going out to your car, and you see a bag of weed on the ground. You can leave it there or pick it up. You can call the police or not. You can use it or not. You can give it away or not. You can try to sell it or not. What do you do, and why? Do you worry it might be laced with something? Do you worry you might get caught? Would you worry about some uses but not others for some reason? And would you personally do one thing but recommend something else to another person if they found it?

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This being Colorado, I’d pick it up. Not sure what I’d do afterwards, though. Give it away, throw it away, plant it in my backyard, mail it to a certain goose loving Jelly here… not sure. I just know I won’t smoke it because it’s not my thing.

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I’d worry about it being laced with something; probably I’d either ignore it, or flush it. The probability of being busted for possession here is pretty much nil, so I wouldn’t be worried about that.

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I smoke weed and I have also been at a party where the weed was laced with crack and I smoked that. I learned about the crack after I had smoked it and was pretty pissed off.

Personally, I would just ignore it and get on with my day.

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Depends how good the weed looked. Some schwag layin on the ground? Fuck it. Some kind bud? HELLLL FUCKIN YEAAAA :P

I was at a music festival before and found a quarter that someone dropped outside my tent. Pretty fuckin awesome :)

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Being in Colorado, like @linguaphile said, it’s so common I wouldn’t even think twice. I’d smoke it. If it was laced with something, I’d be irritated. But 99.9999999% of the time, it would just be normal weed.

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Depends how big the bag is…if it’s a whole grocery bag filled with weed, I’d go to the police with it. If it was a little baggy with like a few grams in it, I’d pick it up and give it to my roomate. She’s always smoking weed, so no doubt she’d be happy to have that.

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I’d be worried about leaving it there for maybe a kid to find, but I’d also worry about picking it up and getting busted for it (maybe it’s a sting?). Probably, I’d kick it under some bushes or something.

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If it looked good I might give it to a friend who smokes. Telling them the story so to use at their judgement.

I wouldn’t leave it, as @augustlan said children. I wouldn’t be worried about police.

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I would leave it there. Let the children worry about the police.

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I’d walk over it and carry on.

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I’d probably give it to a friend. I don’t smoke weed.

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To be honest, I probably wouldn’t know what it was so would just leave it!

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Feed it to some cows, they like grass & look as if they could do with cheering up.

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My friend and I found a gram once and smoked it. Shit was crap but it was still free weed.

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I’d probably just put it in the trash. Nice to see you @dalepetrie !

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I’d leave it there.


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I don’t think I would know what it is. I would either walk by it or pick it up and put it in the trash. Since I tend to be a little germophobic I am more likely to ignore it, unless I felt like it was a big slip hazard and presented a big risk to others.

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Give it to a stoner friend, no hesitation.

Of course once at a concert I found a fatty in the bathroom stall and gave it away too…I am scared of it being laced or dipped in acid or something…lol

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@KNOWITALL lacing weed in LSD would have no effect on you once its smoked. LSD is an extremely sensitive compound and can be denatured by heat very easily. The heat from being outside in the sun is enough to do it so you can only imagine what a direct flame would do.

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Everyone with a laced joint story is full of shit. You just can’t handle your weed. I rarely put keef or hash in a joint, nevermind LSD or crack. And if it had been dipped in PCP, you’d know it.

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My first experience with pot (early 1970’s) was laced in opium. It could also be laced with PCP which also could mess you up as bad or worse than acid. It may have been a long time ago but It happened to me @bucko. I was young and thought that angel dust was just a different kind of pot.

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I pick up litter in front of my house on a near-daily basis, and on the same basis I would pick it up and bin it. I’m not about to consume something that’s been left in the street; that sounds insanely stupid.

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What @uberbatman said. If it looked good, I’d keep it.

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@Judi I’d believe that type of thing happening more often back then, but now a days, at least in my area, I’ve never heard of such a thing happening. If the weed is laced with something the dealer is going to charge you more for it so you’ll know what you’re getting.

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@uberbatman , I was a cute young girl in the 1970’s. Do you think I ever talked to the dealer? I never had to pay for it.

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But @CWOTUS, it’s in a bag! Haha – I had exactly the same thought, and that’s why I wouldn’t touch it. People, it wouldn’t have to have been laced with another drug. The person who left it could have put rat poison or feces in it. Maybe they have a really sick sense of humour.

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@judi Do a PCP search on YouTube and see if it reminds you of the time you were high on PCP.

I personally have never smoked PCP. Haha

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I’d dump it in my compost pile and let the worms get high.

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Smoke to joints in the morning…

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@uberbatman Good to know! I’m learning a lot.

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I’m a very honest type, but really…as if one would walk around asking strangers if they lost a bag of weed. haha
Nope, situational ethics here, and in this situation I would take it home and make a batch of brownies. One mans carelessness is another womans baking spree. lol

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I dunno…with marijuana being a precious commodity to many, I seriously doubt someone would deliberately lace a bag of expensive weed with something bizarre just to harm another. Urban legend prevails methinks.
What’s the payoff for that? It’s not like they are going to be hiding in the weeds, pun intended and following you home for a little voyeuristic moment watching you take a toke from the bag and keel over. haha

Pretty far out scenario.
Nope, most likely it fell out of someones purse or pocket and they are extremely bummed out when they discover they lost their weed in the parking lot at Petco. lol

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It’s legal here (WA), but it does nothing for me, so I’d give it to a buddy. Whether he trusts it or not is up to him.

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Keep it. Use it (just a small amount at first in case it is laced with something else – unlikely since pretty much everything you might lace it with is more expensive than weed). If it turned out to be ok I’d use the rest.

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I’m a 70’s girl too, and yes, same as @Judi I was once given a joint laced in PCP unknown to me. OMG!
It was awful, I thought I was going to die, but, I kept my anxiety under wraps. It lasted about an hour, it was horrible, no words to describe the feelings.

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I’d toss it in the trash. I probably wouldn’t even open it to smell it. Strange bag? I’m not going to risk testing it out.

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@Coloma Thank God that never happened to me! That must have been terrifying!

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Oh man I’d smoke the hell outta that shi I’d do the responsible mother thing and get rid of it before something bad happened.

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I wouldn’t keep it for myself; I’d put an ad in the lost & found section of the LA Times announcing that I’d return it to whomever called first.

I may be honest, but at least I’m naive! ;-p

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@Dutchess_III Luckily I only took 2 hits before I realized something was “off.” Thank God, bad trip, baaad!

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I hate Acid and Mushrooms, the out of control feeling is not something I’m into at all. Plus my idiot friend tried to make me drive my first ‘shroom session.

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@Judi and @Coloma A friend and I, um, ‘liberated’ some weed from a party in the 80s, took it home, and smoked it in my bedroom. Yep, it was laced with PCP. We freaked out so bad that we actually went and told my mother what was up. She sat with us until we came down, ready to call 911 if needed. That kind of thing definitely happened back then!

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@augustlan Yes, it did. Wow, lucky you guys!
I was at a softball game at a local park one afternoon in the summer and a joint was passed around between 3–4 people, no questions asked. If I wasn’t so busy realizing I was just freaking drugged with elephant tranquilizers and feeling unable to move, I swear I would have broken the guys kneecaps with his damn bat. lol

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You had a good mother, @augustlan….. When my daughter was about 15 she came to me in the middle of the night, scared that she had OD’d on some pills she took. It freaked me out! However, after questioning I realized she had just taken some OTC energy things and it had been about 6 hours earlier. I didn’t let her see my sigh of relief when I realized that if she was going to really OD it would have happened by then! She’s 27. She told me the other day she’s never gotten high on MJ. She doesn’t drink much either. Wow.

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I would make a little fire in a trash basket on the town commons and toss the bag in and run!

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@Judi , @Coloma and @augustlan wow I didn’t realize just how often stuff like that happened back in the 70’s/80’s. I’m really sorry you had to go through that, sounds horrible. Like I said above that is pretty unheard of now. Do you think that since this was a semi common experience back then it has caused some stigmas towards marijuana that we see today?

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I’m surprised no one said the totally responsible – and totally ambiguous – “I would destroy it.” You could say it in such a way that people would actually see the halo over your head. But never say what your schedule would be: a little bit each day at 4:20.

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I’d ignore it and continue my walk to the wine store.

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I would put it in my pocket

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When I find weed I ask folks in the area if they’ve lost anything. I’ve lost weed before and it sucks. I have found little dime baggies on occasion outside head shops, and I’ll just loudly say in the shop that I found something on the sidewalk and if its yours you can describe it to me and I’ll give it back to you outside. The best time was at a wedding, my grandpa leaned over and pointed out a red medicinal canister lying in the grass by where the groomsmen were lined up during the ceremony. I swooped it up afterwards and asked around – turned out it belonged to the mother of the groom!

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@wildpotato That is hilarious.

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Thanks everyone…I just knew this question would spark (no pun intended) an interesting conversation.

As for me, I’ve never tried pot…mostly hasn’t seemed worth the hassle to do something that is illegal. I seriously believe it shouldn’t be illegal, and I think it’s just a matter of time before it’s decriminalized everywhere in the US (question is how much time). But when I was younger (I’m 41 now), you know…the age when people first experiment with this kind of thing…I felt I just plain didn’t need it. I was a very happy person, didn’t really feel the need for a mood enhancer. In my later years I’ve been through a lot, and have developed a mild bit of depression. Now I can see myself trying it. The second consideration is smoking…I don’t want to inhale smoke in any form…I would certainly consider a vaporizer or eating it in food of some sort, but really don’t want to smoke it. The third consideration is I don’t even know where to get my hands on it, I’m sure I could figure it out, but being a degreed accounting professional, a husband and a father, it’s not really something I’d want to get caught with…I can’t imagine the repercussions being worth the joy. The fourth thing is that I have a minimal fear that the excessive amount of body fat might cause deposits to hang on and release at just the wrong time (say during my next job search)...that however though scientifically possible, is not what I’d consider to be a realistic worry.

So where that leaves me is if some was offered to me in a private home, or maybe I found some or got past the acquisition process, then maybe I’d try it, but again I would be reluctant to smoke it, but perhaps there would be another delivery method with which I would experiment. One part of the question that brings back is this…let’s say I did find some weed, and you are a person who says “hell yeah, I’d smoke it”, would you recommend the opposite for me? If so, why? Just curious about how you think.

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@dalepetrie I would definitely recommend the opposite for you, you’ve never smoked before so for one you probably have next to no clue how to identify good weed. And lets say it definitely is some really good weed, well in that case there is a good chance that since you never smoked before and just got your hands on some headies that you’re now going to freak out when you get high cause you’re going to get extremely high and beings you find this weed instead of got it from a reliable source you’re going to be sitting there paranoid the whole time like “OMGZ THIS SHITZ LAACED IMMA DIEEEEEE”.

Just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, if you were curious about trying marijuana I would just get it from a reliable source that you can trust like a friend and go about it that way. And as someone who has a vaporizer I can tell you, they’re amazing. I very rarely smoke bowls or bongs anymore and never smoke joints/blunts. Its pretty much always vaporized, saves both financially and health wise and it tastes a whole of a hell lot better/gives better effects.

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@coloma if you smoked PCP it would have lasted all day. You just got too high.

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The hubs told me a story last night – he once was given a joint that had been dipped in formaldehyde by a friend who thought it would be funny. Ended up chasing the guy down the street with a baseball bat.

Teenagers shouldn’t have access to drugs and chemicals. Especially not at the same time.

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@bucko Maybe she only took a toke or two. I hit a bowl of wet once out of curiosity – which is not to say the stuff is common; I was very surprised to have even come across it – and took only one toke because it tasted nasty, and felt little to no difference in my head.

@Seek_Kolinahr It is a misconception that anyone ever dips joints in formaldehyde. The confusion arose because “formaldehyde” is a slang word for PCP, and also because of that one episode of Six Feet Under.

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@bucko No, it was PCP but I only had a little as @wildpotato mentioned. It was enough to hallucinate and feel like I was moving in slow motion for an hour or two. Trust me, it was bad, but I didn’t have enough to screw me up all day. It had a chemical taste which is why I refused the joint after the 2nd hit.

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@wildpotato The jackoff actually admitted to doing it. Again, because he thought it was funny. And this happened in 1986 – long before Six Feet Under.

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@dalepetrie I agree with @uberbatman. wow uber, my iPhone wants to autocorrect your name for me, but only by adding an umlaut over the u! Too funny. You should be with an experienced friend the first and second time you smoke, or the experience will probably scare you more than help you. As far as method goes – I recommend edibles for you. They are slower release than smoking or vaping, and you can control the amount you intake precisely. I have not personally had much luck with vaporizers, but then again I’ve never tried a Volcano, the top of the line model.

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“As for me, I’ve never tried pot…mostly hasn’t seemed worth the hassle to do something that is illegal.”

And they say the drug laws aren’t working..

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@wildpotato I’d disagree with you on vaping vs edibles. With vaping, and I mean on a higher quality vaporizer, I can control precisely how much THC I’m getting. I can decide that ya know I don’t want that couch lock feeling going on so I’ll vap at a lower temp to just get the THC and have a cerebral high rather than more of a body high. Edibles on the other hand can be scary. Yea you can have good control but I gotta say I’ve never been nearly as high from any method of intake as I have from edibles. Overdo that a bit and they can seriously fuck your day up, they also last a lot longer than when you smoke. Not saying its not possible to achieve a perfect mellow high with edibles, just saying its a lot easier to overdo it until you learn how your body reacts to marijuana.

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Actually, believe it or not,I can’t find the link, but I have posted it before somewhere there is an article in Psychology Today from about a year ago you can google the title article that is titled ” Why intelligent people do more drugs.”
The upshot is, theory has it that, from an evolutionary perspective, those humans that are risk takers, experimental and bold in traversing uncharted territories, have the evolutionary advantages. This certainly does not mean that smart people cannot do stupid things, and being drug dependent is hardly smart, however, it does make sense. Those that were willing to try new foods that might be poison, or to risk other risky undertakings are the ones that advance the species development.

Those that cowered in their caves and refused to risk and experiment perished.
The study also compares the IQ’s of schoolkids from America and Briton and the study shows the more intelligent kids are more experimental and risk taking.

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@Coloma Very interesting!

@uberbatman I vote for good old bongs (You gotta cough to get off!)

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The vaporizer is cool, and I like the idea of vaping, but its just not the same as smoking a joint, plus you’re at the mercy of having to be next to a power supply.

My advice is not try edibles if it’s your first time experimenting with weed. Edibles take a while to kick in, so you end up eating more than you should because you don’t feel anything right away.

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My brownies pack quite a punch and caution is needed for those that are not used to partaking. I gave a big brownie to a friends husband last year and told him to only eat about ⅓ of it. He wolfed the whole thing down and being a very occasional user, years apart, well….I told you so!
Poor guy, he was ripped for over 24 hours and it took him about 3 days to feel normal again. haha
He thanked me for the “enlightening” experience. lol

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@Coloma Wow, sounds like my mom’s! :)

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Throw it in the nearest trash container.

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I wouldn’t even throw meth in the trash. Haha

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Be wary of hidden surveillance…place it carefully back where it was…keep my hands where they could be easily observed…and walk immediately away from it.

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@SABOTEUR I fear you have smoked too much weed are a bit paranoid, lol

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we’re talking about finding a bag of weed not a half kilo of heroin…

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@RareDenver It don’t take weed for me to be paranoid of police; being Black is enough.

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Exactly, @SABOTEUR. A sad fact, but true. That’s one (of many) reasons why I hate to see us passing more laws to criminalize more things. Because of “prosecutorial discretion” a lot of these so-called crimes end up not being charged and pressed in court. However, the arrest is still made (because it can be), the investigation started, a search warrant granted, and one’s life can start to unravel.

I had a brush with this in my 20s, and the realization that I “could have been” arrested because a cop found a joint on me during a search that was probably illegal, but since it was just him and me present when it happened, who would a jury believe? You may not have been so lucky, and that pisses me off even more.

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Thanks @CWOTUS for your feedback. I was hesitant to bring race into the discussion, but it’s a painful truth that many of us have learned to accept. Whenever I leave the house…especially if I’m driving or in a retail establishment…I’m ever mindful that my color may encourage someone to scrutinize my actions.


Needless to say (perhaps not)...

I ain’t pickin’ up no weed.

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awesome discussion…thanks again to everyone who’s chimed in…love reading it!

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@SABOTEUR , that is always a conundrum for me. To be “color blind” like my heart wants to be is like burying your head into the sand and not acknowledging that there IS a double standard and that the reason my friend’s husband does not have a job is probably 80% attributable to the fact that he is black. It makes me feel better that YOU were hesitant to bring up race as well.
When will we be able to have a frank conversation where ignorant people like me can ask sincere questions without worrying about being seen as a bigot and you can ask sincere hard questions without being accused of using the “race card?”

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@Judi I’m not really sure I know the answer to that. We might want to first acknowledge there will always be the possibility someone will see an ulterior motive behind certain questions or comments. There’s no getting around that. We could possibly encourage frank conversation by not being fearful of what people think our motives may be and un-apologetically say what we have to say.

I tend to be overly concerned at times for the feelings of others. It’s a habit I’ve carried most of my life. But I’m often reminded that this tendency is not always helpful. I don’t know how anyone will react to what I say. I may have something meaningful to share or I may have something meaningful to learn. Self-consciously editing myself denies someone the opportunity of responding however they see fit…if they choose to respond at all.

But you never know unless you open your mouth and say what you have to say.

We all lose as a consequence.

It probably wasn’t your intent @Judi, but thanks for the timely reminder.

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Uh…what was the question?

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