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What is your favorite intoxicant?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 26th, 2012

Whether it’s legal or illegal, do you prefer to be high on life or something else. What’s your substance of choice?

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If I had unlimited funds it would be Cocaine. That stuff makes you feel like the king of the world. After a few lines I would think I could beat the shit out of The Rock. It is drug that is so awesome that I would advise people to never do it unless you want to end up in jail or dead.

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DMT. Its not something I could do often nor is it something you should but every time I do take it I have a profoundly enlightening experience.

Second favorite would have to be LSD, I can still have some enlightening and breakthrough experiences just not as profoundly as DMT, on the upside this is more of a social drug so you can have a lot of fun adventures on LSD(like snorkeling on a coral reef or tubing down a river in the middle of the rain forest)

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Buttershots. Yum.

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Johnnie Walker Black Label with soda.

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Marijuana and alcohol.

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Here I am being boring again. As a recovering addict I get high on other things. Like burning incense, beautiful scenes and sex of course!

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Mountain dew, that shit gets you so high!

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You can’t go wrong with mushrooms or weed.

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From past experience, Bombay Sapphire. It tastes like magic and love. And really really good tequila, because it makes me love everyone SO MUCH.

For future experience, I have never had much desire to use illegal substances, but I would really, under the right conditions, love to try hallucinogens.

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morphine suppositories.

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Jogging long distances.

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Marijuana. I am always talking about my famous “Happy Brownies.” Hey, I’m the 70’s gal, and after about 25 years of rarely imbibing, I have had a return to the garden in my middle age
No kids at home, no more husband, just me and my blissful little life in the woods.
Made that much more fun by those Happy Brownie moments of gardening and going on Happy Brownie photo shoots around the zone over here. :-D

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The middle swing at the playground by the river. WOW!

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@blueiiznh Hey, I’m there with you. Nothing like a rope swing over the river. :-D

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Tequila & herb.

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Wine and music. The tubes on my stereo system glow green in such fascinating patterns when I’m deep in my cups.

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For day to day life, I do love maryjane. But overall, probably acid. It’s just too awesome.

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@deni Flashback to the 70’s. I wonder if the acid is weaker, stronger, or neutral to the good old days.
I had a few really great trips and a few not so great.
I would never do it again, and besides, at my age now I’d probably have an aneurism or something. lol

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When I want to alter my mind, I dance. Or make music.

These days, chemical intoxicants take too much out of me. I always have to sleep a long time and I feel tired and yucky after. Dance and music are side effect free. Plus the highs are so much better.

When I was young, I didn’t mind the intoxicants. I drank, smoked pot, ate shrooms. But the older I get, the less I want to ingest substances.

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Rum. Although…... I spent two months tripping acid when I was 15, and I’ve always wanted to try it again. Just not with my kids around.

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Oban single malt scotch. Since I’ve stopped drinking, I only have 2 tablespoons of any spirit at any one time and than only on rare occasions. Yes, I miss it, but I don’t have a choice.

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Cocaine. I love it so much. Good coke is the most delicious stuff in the world, and just utterly freeing. The problem is that assholes mix it with meth a lot, and I hate that speedy shit.

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@Coloma You would seriously be the coolest control person to have around, though.

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Cannabis (real weed, not the synthetic stuff) by far. I don’t even consider other drugs since most of these come with inconvenient baggage. The great thing about weed for me is that if I start to smoke too much of it, I get sick of it and will stop using it for a while. Weed does create a slight tolerence level.

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A great smelling man. Omg… makes my eyes roll back in my head. I love that even more than cake!

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@Ela I can’t say that does the trick for me. LOL But I do appreciate your answer.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Can’t be the same high for everyone. Where’s the fun in that? ; )

So, what is your favorite intoxicant?

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@Ela Well even though I don’t do drugs anymore. I do miss the way cocaine made me feel. But I also loved the visuals from LSD. Weed was the only drug I did on a regular basis.

Now though I’m just a boring, law abiding citizen. I love whiskey and my wife.

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I’ve never done drugs. I smoked pot once and it made me really stupid. I couldn’t hold a thought for life of me. I never did it again. LoL
Smell is definitely my weakness. I like the smell of few candles, perfumes, ect but if a good smellin’ man walks by… damn… I’m like putty.

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@ela you should try model airplane glue.

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haha! LOL @bucko yea, i dun ned no bran sells…

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@Ela You better be careful putting your weakness on here for all to see. Someone might just have to splash on some scent and walk by you. LOL I’m not talking about me I’m happily married to a little, hottie, but someone who’s either single or not happily married might just have to try that.

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<—Not married. Hates scent.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal maybe they should be careful walking by me… ; )

<—- not hitched and loves, loves, loves scents.

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<<—- Clearly not as cool as ^^^

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@Ela But if they want to seduce you then why would they want to be careful walking by you?

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I’m daft! I didn’t even realize there was any seducin’ goin on LoL

@burntbonez thinks i’m cool… yay! <skips around> yay!

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@Ela Well if some guy walks by you smelling good apparently you will be the one jumping his bones. lol

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