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Do you think direct deposits will be late after Christmas?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) December 27th, 2012

Just wondering why my deposit has not posted yet. I usually get it on Wednesday nights.

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They’re usually early when there’s a holiday, but it depends on the company it’s coming from. I know SSI checks almost always get deposited a day early in this instance.

However, Wednesday was not a holiday, so it shouldn’t have mattered either way. I’d call the company, especially if it doesn’t go in Thursday either.

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My direct deposit from unemployment was really late because of Christmas. Normally I get it on Sunday when I claim, this week it didn’t hit my account till 12 last night.

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Direct deposits are entered by the employer (or in the case of government agencies, by that office). All the bank is doing is passing the deposit from the employer’s bank account to your bank account electronically.

So the real question is – how on the ball were the people at the office where they pay the bills? Did they plan for the Christmas time off?

Where my daughter works, she had to go in on Monday (she is the one who does the payroll) and make sure everything was submitted properly, so that their employees would get paid this Friday. But I imagine some employers didn’t think ahead…

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Usually they compensate for the holiday by making the direct deposit early.

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My employer did payroll Sunday night, and my previous bank used to release the funds as soon as they got them; always within 24 hours of my employer submitting the payroll.

Somebody dropped the ball.

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