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What the deuce happened to my sewing machine?

Asked by Seek (34714points) December 27th, 2012

I have a newer-model Singer sewing machine. Let my friend borrow it, and it came back magically not working.

It powers up fine, but it won’t spin. I’ve taken the case off as much as I could and checked for jams – nothing. The rod isn’t bent. All necessary pieces of the bobbin casing are intact and installed correctly as far as I can tell.

I can manually spin the wheel in reverse, but won’t spin at all forward. When I do spin it in reverse, it gives a low “click” each full rotation.

Any ideas, crafty Jellies?

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I don’t own one but it sounds like it has a fabric/thread jam inside. You have to go deeper than the outside case.

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But where? I’ve taken the damn thing apart. The only place I couldn’t get to was the gears near the wheel. There is absolutely no thread in the arm or the… whatever you call the place where the bobbin goes.

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I wonder if she jammed it up and then even thought the threads and fabrics have been removed it is still damaged somehow? Although, it does sound like something is jammed in there.

Are you going to ask her if it stopped working while she was using it?

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Oh, I know it did. But then, she was only sewing quilting thread with no batting, so who knows what the eff happened.

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Sucks :(.

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Is there a way to tighten the wheel? The part you spin to make the needle go up and down manually, if that is loose and not completely engaged, the ‘go-gear’ might not be engaged.

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I’m not sure what you mean by “spin.” By any chance have the feed dogs been lowered so it doesn’t move the fabric? (The bobbin goes in a bobbin case.)

It seems as if your friend ought to be able to tell you what she was doing when it stopped working right.

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I mention this because my wife complained of the same thing, and I found the issue.
There is a switch that allows you to refill the small thread spool. She had dropped the machine, and didn’t realize it tripped that switch. You should double check.

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Listen to the engine when you step on the pedal. Is it spinning effortlessly?

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@Seek_Kolinahr: I am curious as to what your friend will say when you ask her about it.

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@filmfann That is actually something I hadn’t looked at. Now I can’t wait to get home to check.

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