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Why is the Fluther Group on so empty ?

Asked by Mulot (682points) June 8th, 2008
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Heh…funny how I started that, and I was just looking at that today and how nobody is in it. Get in there :p

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…because it didn’t come across my mind there would be one :)

So why is the group called Fluther Stream instead of just Fluther?

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Don’t know, I’ve not created this group, maybe Fluther was already used.

We are now 11 ! \o/

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I named it the Fluther Stream because it’s a music stream, like on Flickr, a photo stream.

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Joined, yays.
Now you’ll all be able to monitor just how often I listen to DCFC !

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I didn’t know there was a Fluther group (or Stream) on Thank you two, Breefield and Mulot!

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It didn’t turn up in Group Search by the way…

Oh, and be prepared for my ruining of the charts with Kinderen voor Kinderen ^.^

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Because I didn’t know about it! I’ve joined now. :D

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