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How often do people fall in love?

Asked by orlando (627points) December 27th, 2012

How often do you or the people you know fall in love? Once a month, a year, a decade, never?

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I fall in love whenever I meet someone worthy of my love. And there are many forms of love. I love lots of people. It could be every five minutes if there’s a good crowd around.

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A few times in life.

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I have never been in love. I would like to but never met the right person that I cliqued with.

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Most people don’t fall in “love.”
They fall in lust and infatuation.
This is why I don’t take anyones new relationship seriously until they have been together about 5 years. Still no guarantees, but, most relationships will bite the dust in the first 2–5 years. Average 3.

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Every 19mins 34.72secs…there, or thereabouts.

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In average every 8 years.

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I feel better now. From what I gathered based on the observation of my friends people fall in love multiple times or at least once per year (when single). I fall in love once or twice a decade, so I thought wtf? Thanks for making me feel more normal.

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As @Coloma says they could be confusing love with lust or infatuation.
True love is hard to achieve and it takes time and effort. On the other hand, people that fall in love easily may be looking for qualities that are very common or superficial and therefore a lot of people have them. My problem is that I look for qualities in people that are difficult to find because they might be unexpected, unusual, or antagonistic combinations.

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Not very often

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Let’s just say it’s quite variable. There are people who never fall in love in their lives. People who fall in love once and spend their lives with that person. Then there are people who fall in love more than once. I’ve known people who fell in love once a month for a period of half a year or so.

Are you seeking to find out whether your own behavior is normal? If so, that is kind of hopeless. People’s behavior varies so much. Also, their definitions of “in love” vary a lot.

I have been in love at least five times in my life. None lasted more than a few years. Now I have been out of love for almost a decade. I wouldn’t mind meeting someone to love again, but I’ve learned that I never find someone when I’m looking. So I am working on being ok with myself and enjoying my life and trusting that eventually someone will show up.

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I’ve been in puppy love quite a few times. I found true love once.

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Not nearly as often as they’d like to think they do. I think people have taken most of the meaning out of the word “love” by using it so often and haphazardly.

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I’ve fallen in love a lot in my life. I’m not sure most people would count all the loves, since they didn’t all mature, due to circumstances. But I have powerful feelings for many women, and I don’t know what to call those feelings, except love. These are all women I would gladly marry. But we aren’t allowed more than one wife in this society, plus my current wife wouldn’t appreciate it, so I just have to appreciate these women from a distance.

I think I’m probably unusual. I don’t hear many people talking about falling in love as often as I do. A lot of people seem to be very scared about falling in love. I have generally felt powerless over it. It’s been very difficult to remain responsible about it. But I seem to find ways to almost get into trouble, but then stay out of it.

Then again, I wonder if a lot more people don’t fall in love a lot, but never talk about it, or talk themselves out of it, because it is socially not accepted. Perhaps there are more people who secretly love others, but never share about it. It is kind of frowned on by the general populace, especially if you are married.

In addition, there is the problem of definition of love. Are we all talking about the same feeling? Does it mean the same to all of us? I doubt it. So it’s hard to know if our answers are very comparable.

Why do you ask?

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I’m 45, and I’ve only been in love 3 times in my life. I was engaged to (but didn’t end up marrying) the first one. Married to the second one for almost 20 years, married to the third one now.

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it happens thrice, one at school, one at college and another after marriage ..

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