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Can anyone recommend a good television for me?

Asked by azac94 (10points) December 27th, 2012

I bought a blu-ray player today and intend to buy a new television for it, but i’m just not sure which brand or kind is good for me. Im looking to spend between £200–300 on a TV around 20–30” which is fully HD and can run blu-ray players and blu-ray DVD’s to their full potential. Unless you haven’t noticed i’m in the UK so that may also impact your answers. Thank you.

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We just got a Seiku 46” for $399 at Amazon. Check for deals.

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I love my 50” LG!

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Well that’s just great @antimatter .
Thank you, @Tropical_Willie , might try to find it in some shops tomorrow, looks good.

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Look for the features you want: 1080p, LED with multiple hdmi inputs and you should be golden. I just got a Westinghouse 40” for $239 US. It works perfectly with my blu-ray and xbox 360 for my son. This would be the perfect time to look, as Christmas overstocks should cause prices to fall precipitously. Try to get a name brand, but also know they are all made probably in the same factory as the others. Just the support or warranty you are looking for.

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I recently bought a Samsung T27a750 27” from Richer Sounds. It is very slim with a very narrow frame and gives a crystal picture with1920 by 1080 pixels. It’s a bit more expensive than you want at £399 but I got mine for £325 from Richer Sounds so they might do you a deal. It even does 3D but I haven’t tried this yet.

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