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Good places to find antique, vintage, or particularly new vintage-style jewelry in SF (or the Bay Area)?

Asked by zina (1653points) June 8th, 2008

I’m interested in earrings, rings, necklaces/pendants, hair pieces, and brooches. Stores, flea markets, etc.

I’m looking at the less expensive (say under $500) end, not the collector’s end.

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could also include a jewelry collective or individual jeweler

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the two best places are
1)the Alameda antiques market – only the first Sunday of every month. You have to pay an entrance fee, I think about $10. There are hundreds of stands – hours of treasure hunting…
2)the Alemany flea market, every Sunday, free, if you’re driving, go onto 101, switch to 280, and take the first exit after 101 turns into 280. This market is smaller, free, and has much cheaper prices. You probably won’t find anything as high quality as Alameda, but they have a ton of really cheap awesome costume jewelry.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The Alameda antiques fair sounds amazing – I remember your posting about it for another question, and actually planned to go this month until I remembered on the afternoon of June 1 that that was the first Sunday! D’oh. I called to see if I could track down some of the people/stores who have booths there since I’m trying to find some things soon, but no luck.

Meanwhile, I’ve found some of the main vintage/estate jewelers in SF are Lang Antiques (the biggest collection), D. Tenenbaum, and Dianne’s Old and New Estates. Of course there are a few things here and there at other jewelry shops.

Now I’m really looking for replicas or newer-made or not-hand-made ones in the older styles, and still not sure where to find such things, though I’m pretty sure it exists since the vintage styles are more popular now.

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You can always try Etsy. All that stuff is on there (newer-made in older styles). My friend takes old pieces and makes them new. Don’t have a clue what her site is called on Etsy but just do a search. Whatcha looking for???

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I just found a store in Hayes Valley called Ver Unica. They have some cool retro costume jewelry.

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