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Do you agree with Spike Lee that watching the movie "Django Unchained" would be deragatory towards black people's ancestors?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 28th, 2012

Why or why not? Here’s the link to the article.

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I haven’t seen the movie, but from the article’s description I would say “no”.

I would consider the BET network far more derogatory towards current black people.

Also, I like your name

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So he hasn’t seen this film but is throwing a shit fit over how racist it is yet Oprah…OPRAH liked the movie. Sounds like Spikes got a stick up his ass and is trying to cause a big stink when there shouldnt be one.

Also, who the fuck types like this? “Wrong.Birth Of A Nation Got Black Folks Lynced [sic]. Media Is Powerful. DON’T SLEEP. WAKE UP YO.” “American Slavery Was Not A Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western.It Was A Holocaust.My Ancestors Are Slaves.Stolen From Africa.I Will Honor Them.”
Learn to type n00b. Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word In A Sentence Doesn’t Make It More Important -_ -

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@McCool Thanks for your answer, here’s some lurve and I’m glad you like my name.

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Spike Lee hasn’t seen the film but he thinks it is ‘disrespectful to his ancestors’. What was disrespectful to his ancestors was slavery itself. He most disrespectful thing we can do today is to forget what happened to them.

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@uberbatman… @Spike Lee. Ugh. My ancestors got off a potato boat from Ireland and went to the front lines and died for the North to save your ancestors’ asses. So STFU.

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No, maybe someone “spiked” his drink.

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1) Spike Lee has made one film that I liked: Malcolm X. and I never saw Malcolm I through Malcolm IX
I find his movies to be self indulgent crap. I REALLY tried to like Do The Right Thing, and while there are parts I did really like, it was so fitful I won’t watch it again.

2) I try my best not to criticize things I am not familiar with. For him to come out and say things like this is just ignorant. Better he should watch it, then talk about how it disrespects his ancestors.

3) This is one of the fiercest anti-slavery movies I have seen. You see a runaway slave torn apart by dogs. You see a callous slave owner enjoying his position as master of slaves. I say it honors Spike Lee’s ancestors. It is Spike who dishonors them.

4) Yeah, wow. They use the word Nigger over 100 times in this movie, that takes place in the South before the Civil War. If the film DIDN’T use that word, it would have been a fabrication.

5) Just the fact that the movie has provoked such a dialog is good. These are things that need to be discussed regularly to remind us of right and wrong.

Spike Lee just likes attention. He needs to shut the fuck up and educate himself on things before he comments on them.

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Eh, I’d rather watch “Do the Right Thing” than any of Tarantino’s movies, but I must defend Tarantino here. I feel like Lee is trying to get attention for his upcoming Oldboy remake (which will suck, like all American remakes and movies in general). I mean, I understand his sentiments, but that does not mean I agree with them. If someone accused another filmmaker of disenfranchising another minority group, I doubt Lee would step up to the plate.

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No. They are not remaking Oldboy.

*sigh * When will they stop ruining my favourite films?

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Alright, I saw the movie on opening day and I have to say that it was well done (albeit a little more bloody than all of the rest of his movies put together). I wouldn’t say that it was derogatory because the things in the movie really did happen. Yes, the n word is thrown around, but it was in those times as well. It’s no more derogatory than Roots is derogatory in my opinion. Also, with what @filmfann said, it is a fierce anti-slavery movie.

I’ve encouraged people to see the movie if they’re alright with language, nudity (male and female, I wasn’t expecting to see Jamie Foxx’s package), and copious amounts of fake blood. I enjoyed myself.

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I have seen Django Unchained. It was a blood bath and pure Tarantino. Jamie Foxx’s Django is a bad ass. I have also loved pretty much every one of Spike Lee’s movies (that includes Mo Better Blues).

I do not believe Mr. Lee has any business commenting on a movie he has not seen. He has every right to boycott the movie for whatever reasons he sees fit, but to provide commentary on the movie and say it disrespects his ancestors is off limits without having seen the movie.

The depiction of the treatment of slaves is brutal and hard to watch. The slave holders are all depicted as unsympathetic a$$holes who care about nothing but money and being served. I am not black, but I don’t what he is basing the disrespectful argument on. I just don’t see it. Maybe instead of taking to Twitter for publicity, Mr. Lee should make another movie on par with Do the Right Thing.

I also must say I agree with those who argue that without use of “n” word this movie would be less authentic to the time period. I cringed every time I heard it and the movie was saturated with it, but I don’t think there was gratuitous use of the “n word” in the movie.

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No, I don’t agree. I think Spike Lee is just begging for attention, and he needs to keep his fucking mouth shut about movies he hasn’t even watched. Attention whore.

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He’s pissed he can’t make one like that now.

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As much as Iron Sky offends survivors of the Holocaust, black guys and Star Trek fans, I’d say.

If he actually saw the movie though, I might have actually given a serious answer. sorry

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I guess Real Housewives of Atlanta is uplifting.

(“Where Madea…?”)

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Tyler Perry has done more to hurt “Black people” than Tarrantino has.

Spike Lee is a twit, he hasn’t even seen the movie and he’s whining about it.

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I think Spike Lee only has a problem with it because a white guy is directing it.

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I JUST got in from seeing it about 2 hours ago.
I loved it!
Excellent cast, acting, and no, the whole premise of “derogatory” is ridiculous.

If anything it is a triumph of the usual good vs. evil and Django gets his retribution on the slimey slave traders/owners.
It is a period piece with a historic background. How can history be offensive? I think the whole controversy is extremely overblown. Excellent film IMO.

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@WillWorkForChocolate That’s what my daughter said almost exactly. haha

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I was thinking about this topic this morning…not about Django, but about a columnist’s complaint that a white man using a Jamaican accent in a Volvo commercial was racist.

As a black man, I find some of these racist allegations frustrating and the reality more than a bit embarrassing. We (as Black people) ofter represent ourselves in most egregious situations in the entertainment field. We give ourselves license to do and say vile, disrespectful things about anything or anybody, but that’s ok.

We allow black males to be portrayed as cool…_as long as they’re “streetwise”.

Or foul mouth rappers representing money, ass crack and “hoes”.

Let’s not forget our Black women usually portrayed as loud, aggressive slang slinging bitches.

(Yet we’re always the cleverest people in group situations.)

You hear nary a peep from the black community.

Let a white man say anything that merely hints at possibly being disrespectful to black folks and all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be “airing our dirty laundry” in a public forum, but…

…what’s wrong with this picture?

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@SABOTEUR Excellent sharing! As a white female I could also take offense at the portrayal of the vapid southern belle as a disgrace to my female ancestors. I also thought that the movie did a good job of showing the sell out side of black slave against black slave with Samuel Jacksons role of the house man that treated his subordinate slave brothers and sisters like crap to protect his cushy position in the “big house.”
We could even go so far to say that it disgraced the ancestors of all horses of the era that would have preferred some humane rights themselves. They didn’t get their day of emancipation from cruelty and overwork until “Black Beauty” came into the scene showcasing the life of a horse that was sold down river on numerous occasions to end up in the hands of cruel masters. lol

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