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I wonder why she'd asked me this question?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

just got off the phone with my fullfigured GF, she asked me if I’ve ever put myself underneath my bed mattress while it had weight on top of it, she mentioned 20 of her girlfriends she wants to gather up? I seen most her friends their bodies are med- fullfigured. I m wondering what she may be up to?

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Ummm…maybe she’s gonna have a slumber party with her friends and you underneath the bed?

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Perhaps you should ask her and not the collective (who are not clairvoyant, no matter how much we try to be.)

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Maybe she wants you to hide under there while her friends are over and pretend she doesn’t know about it.


She wants to jump out and surprise them with a striptease?

It’s really interesting, so I agree with gailcalled. Call her up and ask her WHY?

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Maybe she’s going to be selling mattresses?

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When you do find out please let us know though. I’m intrigued as to what this could be.

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maybe she has been reading the princess and the pea?

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I don’t know but you might want to check under her bed for a dead body…

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Check for a body? Under her bed…..? Hm…. That’s strange.

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Sometimes people hide a body under a mattress, I think it mostly just happens in hotel rooms, but stranger things have happened…....

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Some colleagues I work with who teach Psychology explained this to me awhile back…

There are some people out there who are weight fetishists whose sexual interests fall under some categories of paraphilia. No joke, these people get off on sitting on their partners, or having their partners exert weight on them.

I guess it could be somewhat in the realm of S&M and power play, but there are people who have that kind of interest (smothering, standing on their partners, and other restrictive control games). Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Maybe she is into that…no harm in asking her for clarification. If you care about her, you should deal with the situation with sensitivity and compassion, as for many paraphiliacs, they take their preferences very seriously and consider it a step closer in the relationship to tell their partners about their wants and desires.

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interesting that paraphilia thing, I had a dream recently relating to that weight thing and during the dream I saw myself going the episode, she was on top. Thanks for the insight.

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How big is her bed and is she planning on having all 20 friends on the bed at the same time??? Hope the room isn’t upstairs. Doesn’t matter how big/small her friends are, that’s a whole lotta people!!!

And how does she plan on getting all 20 friends in her room at the same time? I’m having a hard time getting me and my two best friends to meet up for dinner!!!!

Ok so please tell us what you find out. This is gonna kill me!!!

And whatever you do….DON’T GET UNDER THE BED!!!!

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