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Scenario: you ask guests to remove their shoes upon entering your house. One such guest obliged, but had ridiculous foot odor. What do you do?

Asked by gimmedat (3946points) June 8th, 2008 from iPhone

I mean dude’s feet were kicking like Jackie Chan! We’ve known him for awhile, so I asked him to wash up, was I out of line?

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I personally wouldn’t ask as it would save every one the embarrasment of any thing like that happening.

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The Bible says your wife/servant should have washed and perfumed his feet.

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My feet can smell if I wear the wrong shoes (cute flats or heels- you don’t wear socks with them so they get sweaty). If its someone I am close too they tell me “man your feet smell” and I get the picture to clean them. But if its someone I’m not close too they wouldnt tell me, because I think it’d be rude. Just stop being so close to my feet!

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@kevbo I did offer to help him freshen up by spraying his sneakers with Fabreeze, does that count?

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Was the Febreeze blessed by a priest? If so, then yes.

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As I respect everyones religious views and think I am very much open minded. Religion has nothing to do with this question as it is a scenario though.

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kevbo: obviously the fabreeze wasn’t blessed by a priest, they didn’t have that in dem dar biblical kinda times. I do think I remember a mention of odor eaters in revelations though. Have we tried that maybe?

Seriously though, a bit of an awkward ol’ social situation you had there. It kinda depends entirely on how you asked him to be honest. What did you say?

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I said, “Melvin, your feet are on kill. Please go to the bathroom and wash them.” He did. He has been a friend of my hubby for a long time, so I didn’t think much of it. Now everyone makes fun of me for having Melvin wash.

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i would say “WOW YOUR FEET STINK” and expect the person to go wash it. of course, i am known for my bluntness and no nonsense attitude. so anyone that i have known “for awhile” would be accustomed to my language. After reading what you said, I don’t think you did anything wrong. Better tell him than plot ways to get him out of the house asap.

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Maybe you could have a couple of pairs of comfy slippers lying around just for such situations. You could have offered Melvin a pair under the guise of being concerned about the warmth of his toes.

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PnL you are my people! If I could give you 7417518852952 Great Answers, I would. But then I would be defeating the purpose of Fluther as far as looking fordifderent opinions.

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Well if you’ve achieved anything from this, the man will be squeaky clean the next time he comes over. Perfumed and all I’d say.

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@supernutjob I could have Crocs of various sizes and colors at the house! Maybe I should set out a little foot bath and some towels with a cheesy country d├ęcor sign that says some goofy rhyme like,“Make sure your feet smell sweet before you take a seat.”

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If you had the water in the foot bath blessed you would be a step closer to carrying out Kevbo’s suggestion. The rhyme should actually go: “If they don’t smell sweet, then wash your feet” with an arrow pointing toward the foot bath.

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And not to keep the fun from anyone, “If they smell swell, please wash as well.”

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“If the feet are reekin’, how ‘bout a cleanin’?”

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if your dogs are barking and loud as hell
perhaps you should do something about their smell.

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Your rule. Grin and bear it!

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I’m with lindabrowne1. You asked them to remove their shoes. Deal with the consequences. If they’d kicked them off without being asked, you’d have the right to say something about it.

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I myself do not have smelly feet.. if i did, and was somehow oblivious, i would want to know. for starters- i wouldn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone. you should pull this person aside and tell them maybe they need to get a pumice. if his feelings get hurt for a minute, hey thats got to be better than being eternally repulsive to anyone within smelling distance.

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