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Dream: Can anyone explain this one?

Asked by osullivanbr (3630points) June 8th, 2008

OK So here goes. I went to sleep last night and had this dream.

So, I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror. I noticed that I had a hair stuck in my lip so I went to pull it out, but when I tried to pull it out it was obvious it was actually IN my lip.

So I pulled it a little and it cut a trough (for want of a better word) across my lip so I stopped, cause well, it was bleeding and it hurt damn it. After a while I decided I had to get it out so I went into the bathroom and pulled it out slowly (for some stupid reason). Long and short of it anyway it slit my top and bottom lip in half. Ouchie.

I’ve spent the day being a little beyond obsessed with my lips.
Counseling perhaps?

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Oh the fun I had with this dream today when he told me.

Sorry to have taunted you so much sweetie.

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I don’t necessarily believe so much in dream interpretation, but from what I know of the subject, you should consider associations and symbolism, like:
Lips/mouth probably associated with talking, communicating, verbalising thoughts and feelings.
The hair: seemingly something superficial that you need to remove, but turned out to be much deeper and in fact removing it hurt and ‘split your lip’

What exactly the dream means, only you can know, because it will be very much subject to what’s going on inside your head (but at least it proves there’s something going on in there ;) )

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@wildflower – Very good. Or something to do with a cleft palate? (hair lip)

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that is one strange dream. have you tried this site to see what they think? Like wildflower mentioned, they use specific words to get symbolism from your dreams. It’s pretty interesting.

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Do you regret something you’ve said recently? My favorite dream interpretation site is, check it out.

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I don’t think i have said anything I regret recently, seldom do to be honest.
The worst thing I’ve said recently was a rant I went on at seVen. So I don’t think that’s it.

I totally stand by what I said in that conversation

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My old therapist, a Jungian, used to do dreamwork by saying, “If this were my dream,
it would mean….”
If this were my dream, it would mean a slight injury arose in an unnatural way from my own substance, and got worse when I gave it more attention. The injury can heal if I take it easy on the activities that would irritate it.
But I can’t figure out why such a thing would ever have happened in the first
place, so I am fearful about it happening again.

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The way I read it someone Fabulous owes you something money or something. I can’t quite figure out.

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Dreams occur in the symbolic realm, from what I’ve learned about them. So osullivanbr, what might this dream be symbolic of for you? We haven’t your answer to Susan’s brilliant sentence-beginner: “If this were my dream, it would mean…”

Just for kicks, I’ll give it a stab: If this were my dream, it would mean… That I tried to do or say something that didn’t quite fit right. Then I went back and tried to make it better, but my efforts just made things worse and worse.

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Wow, you guys are really good! Wanna try and interpret my dreams here? Haha I’ll try those websites I think!

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If this were my dream, I’d say that perhaps I have been saying one thing while meaning another, and that the conflict on my lips is causing pain.

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Keep in mind that it’s not all about symbols, either. The emotions you feel during the dream are just as important as what you’re dreaming about. It’s easier to interpret when you know the person well, for example, the person I’m closest to in the world tells me her dreams all the time and usually I’m able to point out what they mean because I know her emotions, state of mind, current life conflicts, etc.

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Wow! I’ve never had a dream like that. I’m usually in some sort of combat in my dreams; I’ve won the Revolutionary War about a dozen and a half times, the Civil War twice, both by myself with an M249 in each hand, and I’ve been in several other combat situations. What I find really freaky is when I’m getting married in my dreams…that’s something out of the norm for me.

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i dont know what to tell you thats really a strange dream…

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It sounds to me like you have a fear of injury or disfigurement, particularly on your face or mouth. Susanc is right – your best way to figure out the meaning is to try to remember what you were thinking or feeling at the time.

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i really don’t know what i means but reading that made my lip feel strange dude… =\

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