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Have you heard that Astronomers believe they will find Earths twin in 2013?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) December 29th, 2012

This amazes me. I think humanities future is out there.
Reaching such planets may not happen in our lifetime but obtaining knowledge about them is important. Research on the Space Station has taught Scientist things we did not know.
See link.

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Calling it Earth’s twin is really misleading. What the report should say is: “Scientists will soon have equipment capable of finding a plant with similar mass and distance from a sun like star as Earth.”
Right now they can only find much larger planets orbiting at closer distances. But this is changing rapidly.
At the rate they are finding planets odds are really good they will find one like Earth. The question will be the planet’s age. Plus or minus a few hundred million years makes a huge difference in life development.
See the outstanding 2 minute video by ASAP Science .

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I think this research is significant. We are making progress as a species.
Happy New Year to you and everyone here.

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I agree with @LuckyGuy calling it Earth’s twin is very misleading. It kind of implies that everything about it will be exactly like earth down to supporting intelligent life etc.

I do believe within the next couple of years we will find an earth like planet in the goldilocks zone.

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We’ve already found a planet in the habitable zone of a star 20 light years from us. It’s mass is 2.4 earths. Not that far from ideal, although my 170 pounds (77 Kg) here would equate to 408 lbs. (185 Kg.) there, so I’d need to hit the steroids just to be able to hold up my body weight on its surface. Still, I find it pretty exciting. It will become hugely exciting if current NASA work on warp drive pans out in the foreseeable future.

It was so intriguing to me that I’ve already asked this question yesterday and then this one today regarding that article.

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I have heard about the work on Warp Drive and Anti Matter.
Darpa is also looking into such things. This is much more uplifting than Politics.
I read so much I am not sure if, I could find a link.
Have a Happy New Year.

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2013 Earth’s twin found
3013 Earth’s twin colonised
4013 Earth’s twin trashed (just like the Earth)

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That Al Gore will discover the internet in 2013.

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I had not heard of this, and I put little credence in it. This is a lot of hype and little substance. I support the research. I love that people investigate the stars and warp drives and all that stuff. But what I don’t like is the sensationalization of it by people who don’t understand science, and how hard it really is.

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I did hear that. I saw an article on Yahoo. I thought that was pretty interesting. It would be even cooler if that planet had its own life-forms on it.

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That is true. How could we contact them if, we new they were there? Eventually humanity will have this problem. Perhaps we will be contacted by them. Maybe they are the ones flying the UFO’s, LOL. Thinking about it is fun.

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@philosopher I definitely agree. As far as how to contact them, you’ve stumped me on that one. But I’m sure if we can see them, we will figure out a way to contact them.

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I agree.
I have heard that Astronauts have observed UFOs in Space. Buzz Aldrin said, he was observed. I believe we are already being observed. Unfortunately a benevolent sentient race may view us as immature and too primitive to contact. Sadly I can comprehend why they feel this way.
Humanity has many good qualities but we also have many violent savages among us. I wish a sentient mature race wished to guide us without conquering us.

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@philosopher That would be nice. Humanity does need a change or we will end up killing ourselves out through pollution, the poisons we put into our bodies and war.

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@LuckyGuy Never heard of ASAP Science before. Lot of good videos from them, thanks for posting it.

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