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Have you ever made cake pops?

Asked by jca (35976points) December 29th, 2012

Have you ever made cake pops? If so, what tips do you have for someone trying to make them?

I got a “Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker” for Christmas and I was googling reviews of the appliance on Amazon and also looking at cake pop recipes on blogs and sites. It seems that you can make cake pops from taking actual cake, crumbling it up with frosting into a mushy mixture, freezing it and then making balls from it and sticking the sticks into that. On one blog they said that the taste of that type of mixture was not that good. Also that it’s a lot of work.

The Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker got mixed reviews as far as how successfully it made cake pops. Negative comments were that it got too hot and didn’t make spherical shapes, it made “fat muffin” type shapes. Also that the cake stuck onto the sticks was not sturdy enough to dip into frosting.

I am just wondering if other Jellies have either used a cake pop maker or made cake pops from other methods and what worked for you (or your friends if they have tried it)?

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I haven’t made them, but I would think best to make things like dense brownies or Toll House squares. There are a lot of cake pans now that make cute little shapes, maybe just get one of those and stick sticks in. Those things don’t need icing, but you can ice them.

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I ate one once. My advice for anyone considering making them would be: Don’t bother.

I’m not a great fan of most desserts that aren’t plain fruit or ice cream anyway, so maybe a poor judge, but the “cake pop” was disgusting.

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@CWOTUS: Yes, on one blog, the writer (a woman) said she made them and her hubby said to her “you don’t have to make these again.” LOL!

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don’t over fill so they don’t become muffin like, I would follow the directions for the appliance as to whether or not to preheat.

The way I look at it nothing ventured nothing gained, try it if it doesn’t work out well if you got the gift receipt then take it back and let them know it didn’t work like it should have and get something else.

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@creative1: Can you take back a cooking appliance after having cooked with it?

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@gailcalled if it didn’t work as it says it should you can, that means they misrepresented the product

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In the best of all possible worlds, I agree, but in this day of junk and crap, there is also “buyer beware.”

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well if it were making muffins or was cooking them at a too high of heat to properly cook the things then its defective and there is typically a 30 day guarantee from the store. I know I’ve had a hair dryer break days later and they took it back without issue and then there was my convection toaster oven from williams sonoma that was years old and suddenly caught on fire and I wasn’t even using it, I called the 800 number to let them know what happened so they could put some sort of recall on it so someone’s house doesn’t catch on fire. I was lucky I was home when it happened and put it out. To my surprise they just had me go to the store and get a different one since that one was discontinued, I wonder to this day if other people had it happen. I let my friend who also had one know what happened and he got a new one too.

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