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Who is the best musical frontman (or woman) ever?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) December 29th, 2012

As Christmas is often the time of year where compilation albums come out I thought I would put this question out there to find out who is the best musical frontman, or woman, to have ever existed.

In my opinion it would be Freddie Mercury and his performance at Wembley Stadium where he had 80,000+ in the palm of his hand was something else. He had stage presence, charisma, and was undoubtedly the main focal point of Queen.

So do you agree or who do you think is the best frontman ever?

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That’s easy Kurt Cobain.

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Freddie Mercury

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Another vote for Mercury. While I want to suggest other frontpersons, he is always the one who comes to mind with the most immediacy.

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Well, ask me again tomorrow and I may have a different answer. There is hardly ever a “best” anything.

But right now I shall say, hmmmm. This is tough. OK, lemme think.

Not in the sense that he was the flashiest guy up there in front. But in the sense that he hired the band, the writers, the singers and co-wrote the music. He ran the show backstage and on stage.

Duke Ellington. Best ever.

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That’s easy. Miles Davis.

He did everything he could to show disrespect for the audience—or look like he was showing disrespect, and still he had them dying for his music.

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Freddy was amazing, definately tops.. Mick can strut pretty well too.

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My vote is for His Queenster; Freddy. I would follow that as Queen being one of the top 5 improperly recognized groups, their music had subtle impact on the music other artist created, commercials for good, film scores and soundtracks, and theme music for sports and entertainment events.

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FREDDDIIIIIIE. Or maybe purely voice Steve Perry? I’ve been thinking about this a lot over break.

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Gotta say Mick Jagger. Hardly an original thought…just that I happen to agree with it. I simply cannot stop watching him perform.

Michael Jackson during the Jackson 5/Jacksons era takes 2nd.

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Of the people I’ve seen, Toots. Though it was in a strong context – college show with no more than 300 people, most of whom were obsessed with his music and tripping on chocolate mushrooms. He started 54–46 and we all clambered up on stage and danced with him and the Maytals. He was delighted.

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Jim Morrison.

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Bono, I was there at live aid and he blew Mercury off the stage…not literally though, he’s straight see.

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Robert Plant
Young, brash, insane voice, and sexy as hell.
I admit it, I might’ve done him

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I think Freddie is winning this battle. For me it would be Freddie, Mick and Jim. Not sure in what order. Each could be the ‘best’ on a different day.

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OZZY, in my opinion is the best ever!

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I think I’d pick Robert Plant. Good choice @cookieman.

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Cher fronted a group?

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Cher fronted a group on a battleship wearing a thong and fish net stockings.

Where’s Freddie Mercury’s battleship?

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@jonsblond: Absolutely. When I was a kid and heard him sing “I wanna squeeze your lemon…” I immediately wanted to know where the “lemon” was on girls. :^)

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Frank Zappa, if for some reason Cher isn’t a suitable answer.

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@bucko Oh no…perfectly fine response…with Cher and the fishnets and all. Just needed a little clarification.

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Another vote for Freddy Mercury here. What a showman he was.

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I am changing my vote. I never listened to Queen. It was dumb pop music to me when I was a kid.

Recently I was watching some videos, and yeah, Freddy Mercury, best frontman ever.

What really attracts me is that he was such a nerdy guy who created such a fantastic stage character. Well, the voice first, but then that.

It’s so sad that Sacha Baron Cohen bowed out of the Freddy movie. He was born for that role.

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