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What (if anything) will you be drinking on this New Year's Eve (the one leading into 2013)?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 29th, 2012

I myself will be drinking Jim Beam if I have my way.

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Most likely booze-less eggnog, with a wee sprinkle of cardamom ; – )

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@Kardamom Wow, living life on the edge I see. LOL

Thanks for your response.

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My drool as I sleep…

I’ve never been a New Year’s Eve person… to me, the dates we assign on a calendar are kind of arbitrary – only the anniversary of one’s birth seems significant to me. But generally, I am of the ‘every day is a chance to make a new start’ school of thought. I’ve only stayed up on NYE if a friend was having a party or if my S.O. at the time felt it was important. I also no longer drink alcoholic beverage, because most of them make me sneeze.

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Same as for any other celebration… Some nice bourbon or Scotch to start the night off, and then cheap beer for the duration, haha…

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Depends on if my kids are with me or not. If they are I will drink soda and some champagne at midnight.
If they aren’t… I’m thinking either Mike’s or wine or Smirnoff.
We had a lot of bad shit happen within my circle of friends. We are all ready for 2013.

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We’re going to make our own cocktails,
got 4 bottles of booze, limes, crushed ice, brown sugar, different juices, coconut milk, cream, mint.
It’s going to be a blast!
And chocolate fondue afterwards, what a good way to begin the new year!

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It’ll probably be Grolsch.

We have an Old Milwaukee budget, but we splurge during most holidays.

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I am so fooded out and have had a few drinks several times this last week. I’m good. Nothing sounds appealing to me right now. Bleh. haha

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Prosecco or Freixenet or some other bubbly. Stay at home and missing Dick Clark. :>(

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I’m going to be sucking on my american bud…woah, hang on.

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@ucme : Is this a New Year’s resolution? ;)

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Truth be told, i’ll be taking a load of them to my lips…i’m such a slut.

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Most like coffee with a little Bailey’s in it.

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I am a beer person and normally I would just drink a perfectly good local beer, but for New Year I was hoping for some Brooklyn Lager (Very popular in Sweden. 2nd biggest market after NY) but they were all sold out. I should have expected that, but really, it was like the liquor store was robbed, and these stores which are run by the national government are large and usually very well stocked. Felt very Soviet indeed. I did manage to get some Innis & Gunn though. Amazing ale, and some of their Rum Cask as well. Thank god for the Scottish.

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I don’t mix alcohol and psychedelics.

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Right now, it looks like I’ll be drinking water and/or tea. We don’t have any plans to party that night.

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PBR or some Popov. ONLY the best! :)

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Sparkling Apple Cider.

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A cup o’kindness with some Brandy.

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I still have some Aberlour Speyside single-malt Scotch from a visit to Edinburgh a couple of years ago. Since Hogmanay is essentially a Scottish holiday, it seems most appropriate to toast the New Year with Scotch.

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@downtide That’s cool. Me and my wife spent a month in Europe two year ago. Mostly we stayed in London, but we spent a weekend in Paris and a weekend in Edinburgh or maybe it was it Edinborough. I don’t know now, it was in Scottland.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I live in northern England and Edinburgh is close enough for a weekend trip. I love Scotland, and we try to visit at least once a year.

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@jonsblond Grolsch is one of my favourite continental beers.

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@downtide Then you might like this image. Cheers!

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nothing fancy. I’ll stick with Sparkling Cider :)

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@jonsblond thats one of the best Christmas trees I’ve ever seen.

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