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How did you meet your significant other?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 29th, 2012

What were the circumstances that brought you together? What was the biggest challenge that perhaps almost kept you apart? How did you overcome that?

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We met on an iPhone social network and befriended each other online, then exchanged texts, emails and phone calls. We hung out together as platonic friends a couple times, but realized that there was a strong chemistry and compatibility, so we decided to build a lifelong partnership. Our biggest obstacle was that our jobs are over 100 miles apart, so we had to find a home about halfway in-between. But we found a great place and are very happy, despite having long commutes.

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At work. She was 17, I was 16. I had finished putting away shoes, she was folding lingerie. I went over to help her. It was a department store.

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Our situation was pretty close to that of @hearkat, except we met originally on MySpace (back when people actually used it) when we were both 17. Luckily we lived within 30 minutes of each other. Our biggest obstacle was probably me, to be honest.

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We originally lived next door to each other then we both moved away and then ended up meeting each other again.

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We met at random on a site similar to chat roulette, a text one without web cam options.

We spoke for about 15 minutes, and then added each other to MSN, without even knowing each others gender.

Over the following months, we got to know each other a little more, and discovered we got on very well. We also discovered that we lived 8000 miles away from each other.

After about 3 years of talking on skype and msn and what not, we finally decided to meet up.

This is when she hinted that she had feelings for me, but I told her to say no more, that I also had things I wanted to say, but that I refused to do it over an online chat, and that I would only do it face to face, with my dignity on the line, like it should be.

After about 3 and a half years of knowing each other online, we both hopped on an airplain, and we met up. After about a week of having known her face to face, I finally did what she had been waiting for, and asked her if she would like to date. At this point she said yes, and we spent the rest of the day and night making out and having fun.

we then spent about a year together in the UK, as well as some time together in Spain later on.

we have now known each other for about 6 years, and are getting married in June, assuming our 3rd attempt is a success, and that we don’t get stopped by red tape bullshit a 3rd time. If it all goes wrong this time, I think we will just keep on going without the marriage, and just call each other husband and wife anyway. After all, it is the promise that counts, not the paper.

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He was a roommate of one of my good friends from high school. I finished my last two years of high school in Illinois, then I moved to California to go to college. I spent more time at the beach than class for the two years I lived there, and that didn’t work out too well for me, so I decided to move back home to Illinois with my parents. I called my good friend to tell him I was moving back and his roommate (my husband) answered the phone. We had never met or spoken to each other before, but we ended up chatting for a little bit when I made that call.

A few weeks later I moved back to Illinois and immediately went to meet my good friend. His roommate was sitting in front of the television playing a video game when I walked in. He turned to say hello to me and we’ve been inseparable ever since. That was over 21 years ago. We just celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary this year.

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Me and my wife actually met at a girls house that I liked and she knew. The odd thing was, was, she (my wife) was actually supossed to be out of state that day but her and her mom had a huge fight and the trip was cancelled and my wife went to this girls house.

The girl that I liked actually had a boyfriend at the time. I don’t usually go after girls with boyfriends but:
a) I didn’t know her boyfriend
b) The girl strung me along for a long time acting like they were having problems and they weren’t probably going to make it.

I never tried to break them up, I was just waiting around in case it happened. Later on I found out this girl never had plans to break up with her boyfriend and she kind of likes to “collect guys.” By that I mean she loves to see how many guys she can get to chase after her at once. I guess I kind of deserved that though, going after someone with a boyfriend.

Anyways the funny thing was my wife was 18 and she looks very young for her age. I was 26 at the time and I was a bit drunk and she was being somewhat flirty. Since I was 26, she looked under 18 but was smoking hot and I was drunk, I knew if I let myself flirt back with her and she allowed me, I would let myself get into a lot of trouble. So rather than take advantage of someone I thought was under 18 and risking some serious jailtime, I did my best to put as much distance between us as possible. As a matter of fact I put so much effort into staying away from her she thought I was an asshole.

Long story short, once I found out she was 18, I felt stupid for avoiding her and asked her for her number. One of our biggest obstacles early in our relationship was her mom. Like I said she was 18 and I was 26 and so her mom thought I was just some older creep just trying to sleep with a young hottie. Which I can’t say I wouldn’t have thought the same thing had she been my daughter. She tried everything from threatening me to kicking my wife out of her house (my wife was still living with her at the time) to break us up. But we stuck together.

But once her mom figured out I genuinely loved her daughter (after we got married) she really warmed up to me and loves me to death and often she treats me better than her own daughter. So here we are 8 years later and we’re almost inseperable. Like a pair of demented, lovable Siamese twins.

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We had dirty sex on a filthy sex site chat room.

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@Shippy Why am I not surprised by that? LOL

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She was drunk outside of an Outback Steakhouse. I drove her home and ignored all the warning signs of turbulent seas ahead.

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@Shippy I’ll do my best but everytime I see your avatar I can’t help but sprout some wood. LOL

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Ours was a work related beginning & no, she wasn’t a prostitute!

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We are college sweethearts.

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We had met once before at a party when I was 15 but we were both dating someone else at the time so neither of us thought much of it but still had a bit of an eye for each other. Then I didn’t see her for 2 years and kinda forgot all about her. One day I was hanging with my one friend and he asked if I wanted to go to the mall and hang out with his friend Alex. I personally didn’t feel like it and would have rather of stayed at the house playing whatever video game it was we were hooked on that day but he convinced me to go. We meet her and one of her friends at the food court and honestly as soon as I saw her I just knew she was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I can still to this day remember exactly what she was wearing on the day we met for real, that was six and a half years ago.

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We first met via Facebook. It was quite funny how it happened actually. It was my freshman year of college, and I was in summer semester (so literally I was in school 2 weeks after graduation). He goes to the same university I do, but he was in this program they have for freshman where they take a full load of classes and live on campus but don’t get credit for it. One day while I was in class, I got a message from another boy in the program asking why he had never seen me on campus before. After I talked to him for a little while, I got 8 other friend requests from guys in the program (I know the face you’re making) and he was one of them. I had his number and we texted occasionally but not much. When we finally decided to meet up, it definitely was a surprise. You see, I’m a relatively tall girl being 5’9” without shoes. He is very short and is 5’4”. We chatted for a while yet there was no “connection”.

About a month passed and one night while a couple of friends and I were party hopping on campus we ran into him and his friends. We ended up just becoming a group and really tight after that. He didn’t try to approach me at first even though he sorta liked me because his best friend in the group had a crush on me and was trying to talk to me (though I made it clear I wasn’t interested). Eventually, he got to the point where he said he fell so hard where it didn’t matter anymore and started to pursue me. I said no a million times though because of his height. But he became my best friend and we were together ALL THE TIME. Literally, I spent more time sleeping in his dorm room than my own. I ended up saying yes to a date with him because I started to hate the thought of him being with another girl. The first date was fantastic and he treated me better than any man has ever attempted :) Needless to say, I stuck with him and now it’s 3½ years later and we are still together. I feel as though I would’ve been with him earlier if it wasn’t for the height thing, which still bothers me occasionally, but I found that his personality was just one that I couldn’t pass up. He actually told me that he was in love with me before I was willing to go on that first date, and to this day I admire him for his courage. It was because of his persistence and honesty that I was able to finally see what was in front of me (even if I had to look down a little bit LOL).

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At work. He seemed like a very comfortable person and I figure he was married. When I learned he was single and went to the same university I did, I introduced my self. We got married 6 months later.

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@Shippy I appreciate the offer, but I’m a happily married man. LOL

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@janbb I guess you gave him the thumbs up…hahahahaha…cough, splutter ;¬}

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@ucme it was in England. :-)

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@janbb Was it now? May I ask who was the “thumbist” in this?

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@ucme Friend and I were traveling around England by thumb. Outside of Looe in Cronwall, his friends and he picked us up. The rest was history.

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@janbb That’s very sweet & I mean that, even though it sounds patronising as hell.
There are way too many jokes pertaining to “Outside of Looe” but I refuse to ruin the moment…I just won’t!

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He added me and wrote me a message on facebook, we knew each other from school but had never spoken to one another. We chatted and I liked how funny and outgoing he was. He then asked me if I would like to buy him a cocoa, trying indirectly to ask me out, but I simply said no, to tease him. All in good humour though. A few days later he asked me again and I agreed. We met and soon after that he became a permanent guest at my house, and after half a year we moved together. It was very soon and we were/are very young, but up to now we’re still going strong, and I love living with him. No regrets.
Juggling household duties and a lot of schoolwork- we’re both finishing our A-Levels next spring- can sometimes be a challenge and also affect our relationship, but we’re growing with our tasks.

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@janbb, someone should have warned you about men who pick up hitchhikers. ( ;

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I met her dancing. Her hands were so soft and expressive. She needed a ride home, and we sat and talked and talked deep into the night.

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@Shippy I guess in this situation “ROFL” is more appropriate than “SOMKW” (Sitting On My Knees Waiting)


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Through my brother… He stopped introducing his friends after that.

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