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If I learn to believe about something, will it come true?

Asked by lovingpartner (68points) December 30th, 2012

I wanted someone to give me flowers on my graduation day, hopefully someone who will love me despite my imperfections. I am independent, but the inner goddess in me wanted the love of an opposite sex (of course someone who I would learn to love as well)

What do you think? Do you think you just wait for dictates of destiny or the other way around?

I read or I heard that Kate Middleton has prepared her relationship with Prince William eversince childhood. I don’t know if it’s true but her family enrolled her to the same school Prince William enrolled to, so Kate could get to know the Prince and be closed with him.

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I don’t personally believe in the powers of wishes. But I do believe the more you want something the more effort you will put into getting it, which will thereby increase your odds of obtaining it. I’d say if you want something, don’t wait for it to fall in your lap, just go for it. I don’t believe destiny is predetermined, I don’t actually believe in destiny. I just believe in life; what you do to it and what it does back to you. Either way I wish you luck in obtaining what you want in life.

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I do think to a degree our thoughts can and do materialize. This debate however continues. Keep thinking about the flowers, smell them see them, then report back?

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I’ll just keep thinking about the ideal man :)

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Of course you sit there and wait, you’re a woman, the guy is the one who does the asking out.

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Yes I know I’ll just wait. But waiting for that specific plan which is on my mind, is that possible?

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@SuperMouse write it down using pen or paper, or I can just type it on my online diary?

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@lovingpartner click the link, it explains it all.

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@lovingpartner will it explain what writing medium to use?

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@lovingpartner yep, it explains the theory behind manifesting great things for yourself with positive affirmations both written and spoken and how to use these affirmations to make great things happen in your life. See if your local library has a copy of the book, I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

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I believe that wishing without putting any action behind it will get you nowhere.

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You can’t materialize the perfect man from thin air. What you can do is consider what traits your ideal partner would possess (such as trust, patience, compassion, integrity, devotion, etc.), and then work to develop those same traits within yourself, so that you will be the ideal partner for him.

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Believing is enough only when you take that belief and work at it to make the wish come true. If you want a man to give you flowers, the best way is to tell a man that you like flowers.

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Another possibility, not as much fun, is to send yourself a gorgeous flower arrangement. Put a card in it that says, “From a secret admirer.”

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You need someone who will find that you are the perfect woman. Are you? Have you figured out what kind of man is looking for someone like you? That might help you decide where a good place to look would be. And remember that looks change throughout your life, so don’t make physical appearance the number one criterion. Good luck. There is someone in your future!

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Empower yourself. Make a plan to meet the person you want in your life. Figure out what kind of man he is, and where he might live or work, and then get yourself into a position to meet men like him. It isn’t enough to just wish for something. You have to make your own luck. Make it happen.

The relationship between positive thinking and making it happen is strong. When you think positively, you are preparing and planning for what you want. Of course, you never know for sure when or even if it will happen. But preparing makes it more likely.

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There are prominent authors who believe you can Think and grow rich or Think and Grow Thin so I guess the theory can work for finding a true love, as well.

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Not necessarily. Wishing doesn’t make anything so. You have to act.

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