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Is there anyone out there like me here on fluther who does not have a facebook account.

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) December 30th, 2012

If you don’t have a facebook account, what has stopped you?

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Dumped mine about 2 years ago. Boring and I lost interest. I could care less about following peoples daily lives. haha

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I had one for about a week. Then my sister sent a friends request and it bugged the shit out of me. So I deleted it.

I was living in her basement at the time.

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I don’t have one.

The sufficiency of keeping in touch via email has stopped me from getting an account.

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I had one for about two years. The first year was fun. Posted photos, rediscovered old acquaintances, etc. Then folks started posting political rants, racist statements, trite feel-good shit, and the minutia of their day to day lives. So I started unfriending people. Before I knew it, I was down to six people – so I deleted my account.

I don’t miss it one bit.

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Unless one considers sites like this a social networking site, I’ve never been a member of facebook, my space or similar. I prefer to communicate by email, phone or in person when I can. I don’t care what John from 20 years ago is doing today, nor do I need John to know what I’m doing. I don’t need others to know whether I’m in a relationship or not, or that my girl has cheated on me, etc. The extras that you get from facebook, such as games and blogs, I can already get on other sites.

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I should clarify here. It bugged me that she discovered that I got an account so quickly. I doubt she searched for me. She probably got some notice that her brother joined and was prompted to “poke” me. That is the icky part.

I had only added one person when joined and it was only used to get his email address.

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I don’t have one. I see no need for it.

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facebook is a borderline criminal organisation. I shall have no part in it.

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I have a love hate relationship with Face Book. I am just too private a person to post all over it. But recently reopened mine to keep tabs on my son. I know he is having huge New Year party for example, and I am so glad :) I tend though to agree with @ragingloli .

Also scary that if I commit murder all my stuff will be seen by the FBI or Scorpions. although I suppose I could post things to throw them off while I am planning the murder, I guess

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@Shippy As usual you have impressed me with your wit.

Your favorite stalker (LOL),

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I’ve got an inactive one that I abandoned some time ago. I just find the whole thing to be terribly intrusive as well as unnecessary. The idea that a person automatically wants to share the most mundane day to day activities of their life with a long list of friends and acquaintances horrifies me. Who cares what Person you talk to in real life once a year is having for dinner? The whole concept doesn’t interest me in the least. The world has already been made way too small with the web in general, why take it to such an absurd level by informing people you don’t really know with every detail of your day to day life? Boggles the mind.

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Would go something like

Sat 10.15am Having a cup of tea, looking at photo’s of friends you all look so great
(meantime poisoning his tea)

Sat 10.17am Ah that was a great cuppa, just doing housework
(chopping up the body)

Sat 10.25 Going for a drive to give clothes to charity today – New Year an all
(dumping him loll)

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I don’t have a facebook account either.

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I’m on Facebook but I’m trying to give it up. It isn’t easy.

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Let me put in one little piece of “food for thought.”

Yesterday I was at a party and met some people from Colombia. The man was telling me how he lived in the same neighborhood as the host of the party, when they were young. The host ended up moving to Spain, the guy I was speaking to moved to NY, and they lost touch for years (this was before FB was invented). Then a few years ago, it was FB that brought them and their families back in touch.

When I was a kid, if someone moved away you had to keep their address, and if you lost their address you were out of touch forever.

With email addresses, you might have someone’s email address, but if they change emails or email providers, you might not know, send them email and it hangs in cyberspace forever.

I always tell people that the good thing FB does is that you might lose someone’s phone number, people’s email address might change, but as long as you’re connected through FB you can be connected forever. You don’t have to read their “every day mundane information” and you don’t have to post anything or read the trite inspirational crap or look at funny photos, but you will have a way of keeping in touch with this person, guaranteed that you are in touch with the right person (not an email address that’s no longer used and you have no way of knowing) till the day you die, if you so desire.

(Also, besides my point but another advantage is that if you have photos you want to show people, like if you had a birth in the family or someone graduates or gets married, instead of e-mailing those photos to a zillion people (and possibly forgetting someone), you just post them on FB and all of your friends can see them. For me, that’s the other thing it’s convenient for).

I’m not saying FB is a perfect thing, because it’s not. But at the very least it is a great way to keep in touch with people to an extent that you want to.

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Fuck Facebook. (That was a spoonerism).

I got the hell out three years ago, thanks to friend and family bullshit, too much constant distraction, wanting to hide. Facebook creeps me the hell out. It is constantly changing to try to get you to spend more time and money on there. People act like you don’t exist if you don’t have a facebook. I miss out on parties thrown by people I see every day, because the only way to invite people to social events now is through Facebook. I think it’s cheapened social interactions and friendships. People think that they are “in” your life if you are “friends” on Facebook.

I loathe and detest it.

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I refuse to go near faceyuk, the wife has an account which she barely uses.

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I have an account, and I think FB is pretty useful most of the time. I guess I’m fortunate to have a large number of buddies who post about news stories and new music and generally interesting stuff. Y’all know you can customize the feed, right? You can tell FB to not show you posts, or not to show posts as often, from people who only post shit like “Eating a brownie with Dave at the Guggenheim.”

Even though I don’t hate FB or anything, I have been avoiding going on there for the past four months or so. It was traumatic to discover that a friend had died by hopping onto his page and reading all these posts about how people missed him and couldn’t believe he was dead. Can’t deal with that again, at the moment. Not that I don’t want to know when my friends die; I just really don’t want FB to be the way I find out, ever again.

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@bookish1 Haha…agreed. I only had 17 friends, real life peeps to begin with.
I find it ridiculous to have 747 “friends.” I also dropped mine, when I dumped a real life friend. This woman was so annoying. My original intent was to share travel photos with others and one time this woman tagged, literally EVERY freaking photo I had in my albums.

It was insane! I woke up to like 150 emails all saying “so & so just tagged your photo.” WTF!
WHO the hell does that?
Not to mention the retarded requests to play Farmville and mafia wars or whatever the hell they were called. lol ( yes, I said retarded…get over it! haha)

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I have one, but I rarely use it. I still don’t see what people get out of it. It’s pretty boring. About the only thing of interest is pictures. Other than that, no one seems to say much that is real. Fluther is much more personal than Facebook, it seems to me.

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I have more than one FB account. I don’t often post to them, but use them to see what others are up to. I share very little – if any – personal information on the “about me” page. We find out about exhibits and concerts that we might be interested in, I follow local news outlets and weather reports to get different angles on what is happening locally and regionally. I “follow” our local farms and businesses, as well as other retailers to get discount codes and sales information.

Since Google+ came into being, FB improved their customization options regarding what content you see from other people and what people can see the content and information that you post. I also have nearly eliminated drama from my life, so that isn’t an issue for me on FB. Some of my acquaintances seem to get involved in stuff on occasion, but it has nothing to do with me, so I just hide the posts. You can block activity for apps and games and automatically Ignore All Invites from others who play those games, so I don’t see games pop up in my feed but once when they are new – then I hide them and never see them again.

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I have two accounts. One for meatspace friends and family, and the other for my rants, raves, and anything that my husband or his family will whine at me about. I got bored with arguing politics with a brick wall, but I’m not going to censor my speech for them, so I made an alternate account (the one linked in my profile).

All in all, I like it because it allows me to interact daily with friends who live in various places all over the world, just as I would with local people, since I’ve never been big on telephones.

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Facebook is depressing. It’s basically where unremarkable people go to feel important.

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@flutherother If it helps, I believe in you! I know you can quit. @FLUTHER It’s time for an intervention!

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@Shippy Metaphorically speaking…You are the man!!!

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