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Can you recommend a good film that takes place during Sumeria's great reign?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) December 30th, 2012

I really feel like watching some sort of adventure or drama type movie that takes place in ancient Sumer.

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I’ve never heard of any movies set in ancient Sumer.

(1) History-based films are seldom popular (i.e. they usually don’t make money or win awards), so the movie studios shy away from them.

(2) Wouldn’t any depiction of Sumer be mostly fiction and speculation? There have been plenty of films about ancient Greek and Rome, but more is know about those civilizations from contemporaneous written sources.

(3) Americans prefer movies about white-pseudo-history. There were two Lincoln films released this past year, one concerned with vampire slaying.

(4) What about political correctness? If a movie were set in Sumer, the “bad guys” would be swarthy and dark-skinned…Arab or Persian in appearance. Sure, the “good guys” would look the same way, but many viewers would nonetheless take offense at the depictions of evil dark people.

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@PaulSadieMartin Hm great points! I’m glad you have shown interest in taking the time to respond to this question. I’d like to think there are some driven people in the film industry with some deep interest in such a setting. True a lot of speculation would be involved, but I’m sure some art historians could come close to appearance of the individuals as far as what they wore and include deities and such.

I’ve got a mini plot, base movie around 4 seperate stories of kids growing up, to become educated and in power and thus creating the first known writings of man (symbols or whatever) and shortly after they get taken over by Babylonians (I think it was?). It’d showcase the swiftness of invention + display the realities of human nature and it’s need for power.

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There is apparently a Lara Croft: Tomb Raider coming out soon.
The recent movie Prometheus has some Sumerian context.
Neither of those take place at the time of the Sumerians though….

There are of course documentary-type movies out there :
“The Sumerians and Annunaki”(URL mangled, google the title).
History Channel

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