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Just how happy will this new year be?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) December 31st, 2012

Will it be like all others? Predictions?

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Well since I’m legal now I finally get to party with the adults on New Year’s Eve.
So for me it would be an extra special new year.

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Happier with every bottle of bud drained…hic!

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Why not look forward to it? Let’s hope for something better.

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I don’t see or feel anything that spectacular about 2013. Other than the triskaidekaphobiacs going crazy.

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As pleasant as I choose to make it Every morning I can (and do) decide how to greet the day.

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I’m not superstitious but I’ve had issues with odd numbered years since 2007. Ever optimistic, I believe 2013 will be the year to break that trend. 2012 was the best year of my life and there’s no reason the awesomeness is going to end just because the calendar is flipping over.

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It’ll be happy for me once I get through my exams… I will be in France again by July.

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I predict difficult but ultimately liberating.

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I’m with Gail on this one… my own happiness is made by myself each day.
I can neither control nor predict the actions of others or society.

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Same shit, different day. That is, until I get abducted by aliens or turned into a Peruvian Boomslang.

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