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What have you sacrificed for money?

Asked by SuperMouse (30772points) December 31st, 2012

What have you given up in pursuit of money? Was what you gave up worth the money you earned?

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I don’t think I’ve done this (yet). I make less than unemployment benefits in grad school. But I did give up a lot of freedom and spontaneity to be in grad school for 5 years, in the interest of health insurance and security, among other things.

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Like a lot of people, time.

I certainly don’t pursue money for the sport of it. Again, like a lot of people, I’ve got bills to pay.

There’s only so much time in a day and everything you’d like to or have to do is not gonna get done. So it’s usually alone time or hobbies that take the hit.

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I think I gave up time, but that money helped me invest so I gained even more time by retiring early.

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I sacrificed years in the work force raising my daughter and am now playing catch up. No regrets but frustrating.

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Not so much for money as job security- I gave up some opportunities for adventure. I was in Aspen Colorado one winter and met a woman at a party. By the end of the party I had a place to live in Aspen and a job. But it was a low paying job and I would be living in a trailer. I went home to my job and my apartment.

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Sufficient time to make a marriage work. No.

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Lots of time and hard work and tiredness. But it was worth it.

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Staying at a job I liked.

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I’m hardly a materialistic individual, and even when I possess large sums of money I usually am very content with my older possessions. Most of my money goes towards helping others, and I’m more interested in being comfortable moneywise, not wealthy. Money for the most part is not a goal of mine anymore, and on top of that I can’t say that I ever gave anything up for it either.

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@Supacase Are you saying that you gave up a job you liked to take a job that paid more money? That’s a tough one, and not an easy decision to make. I hope things worked out for you.

On the one hand, who wants to jump from a cozy, familiar frying pan into an insufferable fire? On the other hand, it’s never good to stagnate simply because a situation is comfortable.

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I think money have given me everything I hoped for, so it’s worked the other way around for me.

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My well-being.

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Maybe a relationship or two. But it was worth it. I wouldn’t want them now anyway.

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