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What funny things did your elderly parents do?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) December 31st, 2012

My dad would come home from the Mall, with yellow streaks down the side of his car, which meant he had been parking in the trolly bay again.

But the best was, he began shoplifting, at the age of 80. He was so deft at it, I was totally impressed. I’d shout at him that I would not help him should he be caught.

One day, he got some cut slices of cold meats from the Deli Section. He was holding them in his hand looking naughty. I pointed out, figuratively that there was a camera right above him, whereupon he acted like he was blowing his nose, sound effects and all (into the ham slices wrapped in tissue). Then pocketed it like a handkerchief. Oh what fun he was loll.

Any one else got fond memories of their aging grandparents or parents?

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