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Windows 8 trouble. I am on dial-up and the apps wont work. Do I need high speed to make them work?

Asked by Roby (2939points) December 31st, 2012

The weather and sometimes the sports and news apps, will work but not up to capacity. They will not down load any details. The fun ones keeps telling me I’m not connected to the net.

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It’s certainly going to depend on the apps themselves, but anything that’s graphics-heavy is going to have a rough time with a 56K connection.

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Are you in desktop mode?

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Dude, dial-up? Windows 8 is not the biggest problem you have.

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Probably so. I didn’t even know you could still get dial-up.

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As of 2009, many parts of rural NH (and even parts of larger towns more than a couple of miles from the town center) could only get dial-up, and often not even 56k. It’s not profitable to extend coverage to areas with fewer customers per square mile, so the ISPs generally only offer cable/DSL broadband to densely populated areas.

Given that most people live where broadband is the norm, it is assumed that most people have some form of broadband. Software is designed according to the most common demographic, not for the minority that live in rural areas. Given that there are African villages with satellite internet access, it doesn’t surprise me that a company that is notorious for software bloat made things that won’t function on less than 1 Mbps.

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