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Jeans for guy with muscular thighs?

Asked by damall007 (4points) December 31st, 2012

I have trouble finding jeans that fit me in the legs and aren’t too big in the waist. I’m 5–11, 200 lbs with 25” dia thighs. I’m looking for something that I can buy in a store and not have to rely on online purchase.

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I believe Wranglers relaxed fit would do.

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You might try a Big and Tall store.

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Try Armani Exchange. When they first came to the US there was a style J14 that was built for a stocky southern Italian build, which probably would fit you well. They probably don’t have J14 anymore, but might very well still have a style for muscular thighs.

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I know that Simmons, Roddenberry, and Wilder have a wide selection of denim apparel for the thigh blessed.

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