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May I take this opportunity to wish all my jellies a SAFE New Year's?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) December 31st, 2012

Okay, so I’d like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone, but mostly I want to implore all of you to be SAFE tonight. I’m kinda fond of many of you jellies, and I’d hate to find out that someone here did something stupid… like driving after drinking. Either crash at the party or call a cab!

Please, please, please use your ginormous brains and keep yourselves safe tonight, okay?

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You too @WillWorkForChocolate , It’s already 12.22 2013 here, and we are safe :)

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You may!

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All the very best to you and yours!

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Certainly. Right back at’cha darlin’.

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Thank you! We are staying home and playing games with the kids. Twister, Rock Bank and Just Dance for Kinect are planned for this evening. I’m also getting ready to go play in the snow in the dark with the youngest in a few minutes. As long as that fox out there isn’t rabid, I think we’ll be fine!

Happy New Year! :D

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Happy New Year to you @WillWorkForChocolate and to all my fellow jellies.

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I’m going to bed at 9pm – that seems pretty safe. Gotta be at work at 7am.

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I’m a safety girl.
Had a great lunch with a friend and JUST poured some killer champagne with strawberry passion juice.
Mmmm good!
I was invited to a party but nah…I hate driving home late at night by myself and no drinking and driving either.

I’m back at the ranch for the night. Just me and the horses and geese and cats and the hot tub warming up for later. Happy New Year everyone!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Happy New Year to you lady.To all the jellies play it safe, it only takes a second for something to go wrong. Happy New Year to the collective.

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Happy New Year! <3

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Happy New Year, Jellies!

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3 cheers and a hip, hip, hoorah for our mods!
Poor underpaid plantation overseers. lol

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Happy new year and tell ragingloli I said hi.

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Best part about New Years in Australia is the fireworks!!!! They were wonderful. I love fireworks.

Now it is new years day and I bet I am annoying the neighbors who have headaches because I am out in the sun happily carving away!

Happy New Year to y’all, peace on earth and all that stuff! And the yanks have reached an agreement before falling off the fiscal cliff, good on ya mates!

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All right, I want to see more people checking in on this question so I know everyone made it home okay!

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I’m here, I made it out of the hot tub and into bed, but not until I had a slice of cherry pie to compliment the last of the champagne. lol

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@Coloma Not rhubarb?

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Perhaps she used all of her rhubarb in her fruitcake brownies. ;-?

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@janbb Bite your tongue woman! haha
@Brian1946 Well…that might be a good way to disguise the evil root.

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Happy New Year broskies!

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No need to concern yourself m’dear, although that’s very sweet of you, but even though I was awfully drunk, I still had great sex with the wife last night, didn’t fall out of bed or anything ;¬}
Happy New Year, ya mad cvazy sons a bitches!!

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@ucme Happy New Year to you also, ya mad crazy sumbytch! You didn’t tell the wife about my drunken, ummm…. “groping” did you? Oh God, I just know some crazy woman with a machete is going to ring my doorbell…

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@WillWorkForChocolate Our little secret is safe, otherwise it’d be my balls on a plate I can assure you, maybe with a nice side salad & a cheeky little wine :¬)

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