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What are the qualities of the people you like to be around most?

Asked by JLeslie (54508points) December 31st, 2012

Can be friends, family, SO, children, adults, work colleague, etc.

What is it about them?

Some suggestions, but not limited to:

Are they kind, concerned, easy to talk to?

Someone you feel you can be your total self without worry of judgment?

Are they really cool, always get attention from people, being around them makes you feel popular too?

Do they treat you badly a lot of the time. Very critical? Make you feel unsure of yourself?

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Easy-going, level-headed, and quick-witted.

I am always myself around anybody. I don’t concern myself with others’ opinion of me.

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I like people that don’t swear or use offensive words. I like people who are very sure of themselves before they speak.

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Positive. I like to be around positive people. Not people who wear rose coloured glasses, but those who say “yes, we can give that a go” rather than “it will never work” before they try. I don’t enjoy being around people who focus mostly on what is wrong rather than what is right or what can be improved. Let’s find solutions and change things if they aren’t working, not just whine and moan about it.

I also like to be around people who have a strong social conscience, a good sense of humour and who are kind and fun. If someone made me feel bad and was overly and undeservedly critical, I wouldn’t want to be around them. I am happy to receive constructive criticism and value people who have the balls to tell me what I need to hear, but not those who just bag people for the sake of it.

I don’t need to feel popular or to be around people who are. While I am an extrovert,
I prefer to spend time in small groups with people who inspire me, who get excited about things and are willing to get involved.

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I really like to hang around with people with a warped sense of humor, so that way they won’t judge me. Because it takes a certain kind of person to laugh at the things I say.

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Witty, playful, humorous and intelligent enough to have a wide range of interests and conversational topics.
PLEASE do NOT give me your weekly rundown from cleaning out your closets to what you’re going to make for dinner next Tuesday.
I BEG of you, spare me the bulk of your mundane daily routines!
HELLO…going grocery shopping does not warrant an epic novel the length of War & Peace. lol

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@Coloma I totally agree. That’s part of why facebook does not appeal to me.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Exactly…I do not CARE about your blow by blow account of your kitchen remodel. Just go with the fucking black counters and STFU! lol

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@Coloma I’m so fucking drunk and you’re cool as shit with me!!!

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I am happily high on champagne and a wee bit o’ the herb myself.Back at’cha! :-p

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They like to be around me.

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People who are family oriented and like outdoor activities. I prefer them to be positive, kind, funny and outgoing.

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The more I talk to my one pessimist friend the more I realize how much I value optimism in people. Pessimism weighs me down and I can’t afford that.

I also like people who aren’t judgmental (puts me on edge if they are) and who are enthusiastic about life.

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They generally take things in stride, aren’t angry all the time, have a sense of the ridiculous and a ready smile. They are thoughtful and listen as much as they talk. They don’t gossip and are interested in a wide variety of things.

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Smart, easy-going, honest, driven.

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The qualities of the people I are anyone else are drawn to is similar to yourself.. You can have acquaintances that are dissimilar and even opposite but you will not be able to tolerate a permanent group of that nature. So, what ever you’re personality or character, you will have like friends surrounding you.

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Outside of work and family I hang around other musicians, astronomers, and table top gamers.

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I like to be around creative people, feeding off each other’s ideas and creations.

I’m not fond of optimists or pessimists, I prefer realists. If you don’t acknowledge that there is room for improvement, nothing ever changes.

Smart, energetic and ambitious are important too. Retirement is not in the vocabulary, search for the next challenge and attack it types!

Good tennis singles players would be fantastic too!

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I like to be around people with money. Because you can’t do much without it.

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I like thoughtful humorous people. Without agendas.

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I like people who are friendly and have a personality but aren’t afraid to be real and express their own opinions (without being offensive). If they like word games, that’s a major plus.

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I admire their impeccable taste in friends, namely moi!

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I like people that smile a lot and make me laugh. People who are calm and relaxed. Can’t deal with people who are stressed out or hyper types. I enjoy people who like to discuss things in detail —I can only do small talk for about 1,5 secs. I don’t interact well with people who are shallow, rude, or that have an attitude problem.

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People who don’t belittle others to hide their own insecurities, or those who don’t analyze others with their self-righteous attitudes. I always find there is a correlation between those two types of people, and whether I get along with them or not. All of the other things such as personality traits, interests, preferences, etc become secondary issues for me when compared to the points I brought up in the first sentence.

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When I wrote this Q I was thinking in terms of if we are spending time with people who really have some sucky qualities. Like someone might say they want an honest spouse who is a good listner, but actually their own spouse lies and is passive aggressive. Or, the teenage girl who cries when girls tease her, but she still wants to be in with that group of girls. It’s not that I think the majority of people spend time with people they don’t really like, or don’t really fully understand the draw of people who treat others badly, but I think it happens enough. I worded the question poorly, but I did enjoy the answers anyway. Made me think about my own personality and how I interact with others.

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My friends are attractive and kind. They like to go out, they also like to stay home. They are frivolous at times, but mostly are knowledgeable about a lot of things. They are very very kind people to their friends and family as well.

One of my male friends has learned to can his own vegetables (from his garden), make his own jams and jellies, and remodelled his home this year while taking a full course load at college at night and working a full time job!

We do get quite a bit of attention when we go out as well. On New Years I bailed since our weather was nasty and icy, and they said they were going out, and the next day when we touched base, they said they ended up turning around and staying home as well…it was hilarious after giving us crap for not going!!

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Well, yeah you could have worded the question differently because from the way you did I got nothing like what you just described.

I am very assertive and I rarely put up with people’s nonsense. However, sometimes I do providing I want/need something from them (say at work, or a friend) or if I have no time or energy to put into it.

Do I spend time with people I don’t like? Not really, at least not by choice. Sometimes you have to though, again at work or a family member you can’t simply avoid (namely my SIL).

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@JLeslie Ahh knowing now what you were looking for, I can elaborate. I did mention I have one pessimistic friend, and quite frankly he is driving me crazy these days because he’s also incredibly needy. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about him, honestly. I don’t want to just drop him because he has good qualities too, and we got on great before he started only showing me his negative side. Bleh.

For the most part, though, the people around me have qualities I really like. Especially my boyfriend. He just takes everything in stride and is so incredibly….sane. Much appreciated in my often insane life.

I have friends who think very differently from me, sometimes in ways I can’t understand at all. Like my one friend who is studying biomedical engineering and hopes to be involved in experimental medicine in the future. He is eerily at peace with the fact that people will die during drug trials and that’s how we make progress. I guess you need that attitude in that field, but wow, it’s just so far from where my mind is. There are other examples like that. But it’s not differences in general that bother me. It’s specific attitudes that get on my nerves. Like pessimism. Grr.

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Open minded, humourous, often quiet and thoughtful people. People who are easy to talk to, honest, and don’t talk about irrelevant crap most of the time. Folks who I can have intelligent conversation with.

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