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Twice today I have eaten chocolate and it tasted like cherry to me. Yet there was no cherry present. Is this a sympton of something?

Asked by ballet1 (4points) December 31st, 2012

This happened to me early in the morning (kit/kat chocolate bar) and also at 10:00 pm the same day (chocolate ice cream).

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You haven’t been using Zicam nasal spray have you? Zicam can alter and damage smell sensors in the nose. A woman at work has nearly no sense of smell after she used this product (Zicam)

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Nope happens to me all the time with rootbeer(turns into grape medicine :P) and coke(cherry aftertaste) both if these miss- flavors are my most hated flavors… however nothing questionable or ill.ever happens to me! It can also depend on the temp. Of your tongue(tastebuds) and/or substance being eaten I do believe.

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I’d talk to a doctor about it, sounds suspicious to me.

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Some medications can affect your sense of taste. So can ear/nose/throat infections. I second the suggestion of asking your doctor.

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If it were me I wouldn’t worry yet. Something just might be off today for some reason and be fine tomorrow.

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Sometimes manufacturers substitute other fruit juices when reconstituting orange or apple juice from concentrate. Maybe you are getting an aftertaste from your juice.

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You might want to look at this. Evidently odd tastes can be caused by infections, indigestion and diabetes.

But, as @JLeslie says, I wouldn’t be overly concerned at this point but I would probably experiment over the next few days to see if it is recurring or can be reproduced before seeking medical advice.

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Had you brushed your teeth before you ate the chocolate? Toothpaste leaves a lingering sensation that can have weird effects on certain flavors. Have you ever drank orange juice after brushing your teeth? Yuck!!!

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