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What are your predictions for 2013?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30553points) January 1st, 2013

Do you have any thoughts, ideas, premonitions, or dreams about what will happen to the human race, the planet, or anything at all in 2013?

I believe pancakes will be declared health food.

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War, even maybe WW3.

You have Palestinians and Israelis at it again, North Korea building missiles, fascism creeping in to Greece along with protests. Protests in Spain, UK, Portugal, France, USA, the rise of anarchist groups clashing with police, Egypt kicking off again, general unrest, people wising up to politicians and their tricks, talk of doing away with capitalism, etc etc etc.

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@poisonedantidote Yikes! Did you read the topics?! This is supposed to be fun. :-(

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A lot of people are going to perish.

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I will find a way to make Ellen Degeneres president.

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Four more mass shootings that media pays attention to. Fox News will continue to say that it is to soon the talk about gun control and we should be concerned about the victims.

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@Hawaii_Jake Lol, no I read the question and details, but overlooked the topics.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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Mrs. Fields will receive the Nobel Prize for her contribution to the world of chocolate chip cookies.

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More ineptitude from our elected officials.

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Congress will continue to screw up the country but personally, I will be happier and maybe even find someone to get jiggery with.

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We will have a New Year Party for 2014.

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I predict it will take my attorney his usual 4 years to get simple shit done for

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@janbb: Do penguins get “jiggery”?

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It’ll last 12 months, you wait & see.

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My daughter emailed me at 12:09 last night wishing me ” Happy New Years”...I told her to not add the plural…one year at a time please! haha

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@cookieman More like ‘flippery” but it’s a similar process.

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Bigotry and trolling are unwelcome even in the Social Section.

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Hm, not good at predictions, but here goes.

The Supreme Court will continue to pass rulings that limit civil rights and increase the stranglehold corporations have on the United States. Barring an attack of conscience on either Roberts’ or Kennedy’s parts, the Court will find a way to duck settling the gay marriage issue.

There will continue to be gridlock in Congress, but thanks to the Democrats and Obama’s innate inability to stick with their demands, we’ll see austerity implemented and entrenched, with a negative impact at some level for nearly everyone in the country.

Obama’s healthcare law will continue to be whittled away at, although we won’t really see what happens until 2014.

As @johnpowell notes, we will probably have another spate of mass shootings, accompanied by the usual hand-wringing about how we need to finally do something about it. The furor, as usual, will die down after a couple weeks. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Globally, there will be continued weather events that are far more intense/destructive than in past decades, leading to an increasingly stronger consensus that not only is climate change real, but we’re in the midst of it; but there will continue to be no real action on the parts of governments/nations/regions to even begin to mitigate the damage we’ve done.

Syria’s government will fall at some point during the year, but no one will be really satisfied with their replacements or the outcome.

Greece will exit the EU, which could lead to serious changes in the EU or its dissolution (or the beginnings of steps towards dissolving).

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1. My family and I will finally get a bigger house
2. My cats will continue their bizarre ritual of pooping in a plastic box
3. I will eat junk food
4. @ucme will make some hilarious, smartass remarks
5. I will get a new mattress to replace this shitty crater I’m sleeping in
6. @janbb will find a hot man to get jiggery with
7. Obama will continue to blame Bush for shit
8. That fucking sock eating monster will follow us to our new home
9. I will read over 226 books
10. The world will end on September 11

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I think in a couple months in the US the days will be longer, and by June it will be light out pretty late, and the weather will be warmer in all 50 states.

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I predict that fluther will grow in 2013.

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@burntbonez From your keyboard to Google’s, um, ears. :)

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Accidents will happen.
Kate Middleton will give birth to a being.
People will stop asking sex questions on fluther. They will also stop disagreeing with me.

I’m saying this with a straight face.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Not really a prediction, more of a no-brainer :¬)

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There will be another end of the world date prediction this year, being either 11/12/13 or a future date beyond 2013.

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Terrorists discover a way to convert the human body into a bomb.

Mohammad M. M. (The Personbomber) Mohammad successfully detonates himself on board American Airlines flight 313 to Chicago killing all 877 souls on board.

TSA adds people to list of items banned on aircraft.

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People will be scared of 7/11/13 because of the Prime Factor Murderer…..

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yes, that the human erace will continue on .
That we will always have to work for earnings.
That jobs will become scarce as new technologies surface eliminating old careers, but forming new ones.
That to keep ahead, become multi skilled, task orientated. Hence jobworthy.
That new companies,and products will require more computer savey workers, that can learn fast, work fast, and produce fast and accurate.

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