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What martial art could I start to learn?

Asked by thebluewaffle (1002points) January 1st, 2013

I’m a 24 year old lad with no martial arts experience. With a few bouts of ‘milling’ in the forces as my only experience.

I’m very keen in learning a martial art and am swaying more towards jui-jitsu. Anyone with any experience can give me a bit of insight to what each ‘style’ offers.

I’m a fairly robust when it comes to fitness, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


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I studied Shorinji Kempo, although, looking at that description, my sensei’s was a more pragmatic style. Our focus was less on competitive or structured forms, more on doing whatever necessary to successfully defend yourself. It didn’t have the ‘flash’ of Taekwondo (come on, some of those high kicks are ridiculous), it was more functional. As a 5’ 0” female, I was sparring with some much larger opponents (Sensei correctly pointed out that any opponent that I was likely to meet in real life would almost certainly be larger than me).

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Bull fighting

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It depends on your temperment.

I did Isshinryu for several years in college. It was a good fit for me and from bouts staged with Taekwondo practitioners an effective method of self defense.

I recommend you try several different styles until you find one that fits.

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…Or you could just get a gun.

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Krav Maga. It is a very effective, real world means of self defense and threat neutralization. It has saved me twice.
Assuming that is what you want. If you want a social experience, go take Tai Kwon Do

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I am not going out looking for a fight, more for the means of if there is trouble, I can deal with it more swiftly and effectively than at present. Krav Maga, isn’t that taught to a lot of US troops these days?

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Aikido. The way of the harmonious spirit. I studied it in Japan and enjoyed it very much.

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How about Kali, a martial art from the Philipines that was used by Matt Damon in the Bourne films. I had a few lessons but kinda lost my nerve as they practice with live weapons and tend not to hold back…

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Really? Might give that a look up to! I just want to learn a style that can allow me to protect myself swiftly! Thanks a lot!

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