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If you found out your tax dollars were really going to x-files investigations, would you be mad?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14625points) January 1st, 2013

Meanwhile, people not from the USA, do you even consider that your governments have shadowy projects going on, or is that strictly an American suspicion?

I might have been watching a marathon on new years day.

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Everyones tax dollars go towards all manner of bullshit, some known, more unknown.
I’m sure my tax dollars are funding politicians prostitutes and god only knows what else.
Why make yourself crazy over what is beyond your control?

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No. I assume there are many covert projects my tax money pays for.

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I’m angry about many things the government spends money on. Regarding the xfiles, I would need to know why before I became angry about it. What if there is some incredible detail of information we don’t know that could help the planet?

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Dude, I’d rather fund alien research than drone warfare.

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I’d prefer funding superior drone destructive capabilities compared to what those aliens will send us once they are discovered. : )

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I wouldn’t be mad, but if some slimy alien mofos come over here tryna mess stuff up, the government better be able to fight back. bungholes

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I’m angrier about things I know about…never mind the things I don’t. Like Congress annually granting themselves pay increases while the citizenry annually struggles to make ends meet.

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