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For all you fisherman (or fisherwomen) out there, when it comes to a trophy fish how long and/or how much do you think it should weigh in order for you to go to the trouble of mounting it?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 1st, 2013


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Depends on the significance of the catch. My dad has this plaque with a tiny 5 oz. trout that reads “Billy Steiner’s first fish” (not Dad’s real name), mounted for him by my grandfather. My grandpa had to go to several taxidermists before he found one who would agree to prepare such a little critter.

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Mounting fish is morally wrong, I don’t condone bestiality, regardless of how large the fish is, you will cause it distress.

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I like the idea of catch and release. Maybe forget about mounting it, just take a nice picture and let the poor fishie swim away to live out his fishy life doing happy fish things like making more baby fish and eating Stoneflies.

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If it’s a keeper it’s going in my belly, not on my wall.

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I have caught trophy fish and I always turn them loose and buy fish and chips on the way home. I want them to live for another day and another fisho to have the fun of catching them. Here is one of my big barras, not a trophy but a good fish, just a tad over 100cm! Tossed him back in right after the pic was taken. Barra have to be 55cm to be keepers.

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Take a picture, release the fish. If the photo is flattering, have it framed.

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It would have to be an record-breaking monster!

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@poisonedantidote Not if you get it drunk first. LOL

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@Coloma And perhaps getting hooked again?

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It would have to be the size of a golden retriever for me to want to keep it and show it off. I caught a beautiful 31 inch rainbow trout when I was pregnant 7 years ago, but we ate it. :D We do have our oldest daughter’s first fish mounted on our wall, though. It’s a small rainbow trout, and it was my in-laws’ idea to have it mounted.

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