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How do you get to be a mod favorite?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14635points) January 1st, 2013

I have seen a bunch of folks complain that certain users get the benefit of the doubt from the moderation team. In a drunken haze, as a person who is moderated fairly often, I wonder, how do some users get on the good side of the moderation staff versus others?

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Every 6 days, I send each of the 6 mods a naked pic. Actual sexual favors are rare, however.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir that is likely way more effective for you than for me. I appreciate the attempt however.

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Not having @Simone_De_Beauvoir‘s body, I use cold hard cash.

Not enough, apparently.

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Mind your P’s and Q’s. Also, commas, periods etc. In other words, read your answers before sending them and edit them. Do they say what you think they say? Also, say please and thank you and mother may I?

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Pics or it didn’t happen – I’m also the evaluator of how nice a body people have around here.
@wundayatta That’s my favorite avatar of yours.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir you people always assuming a certain thing because my body looks a certain way. I wish you would consider me on my mind.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Ha. Bwahhaha. I tried.
Here’s to our next pm.

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I’m one of Auggie’s favorites because I discovered her secret desire and use it to my advantage, as frequently as I can.

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I threatened them all with a katana that shoots butt bats.

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There are mod favorites? There are so many mods that even one favored some jellies another one might not.

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Kiss Ass????

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Two words: Foot Rubs

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They take cash and cheques.

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I’ve just looked at the current “team” & there they sit, like the seven deadly sins…only one would I lust over ;¬} A couple of them are cool, the others i’m completely indifferent to…they do a good job though regardless.

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scatch that, one of the “coolies” ain’t a mod no more…

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Uh…don’t be a dick? I dunno. I had no idea people expected the mods to do their editing for them.

@Symbeline You mean shirikodamas, right? (link NSFW)

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I don’t kiss anyones’ ass and have only been tossed in the time out zone once.
Ugh,,,no brown nosing for this girl, either you like me or you don’t, oh well. lol
I prefer to relate to the mods as peers not authority figures to flatter for special treatment.
All in all I think I am a pretty good girl most of the time. ;-)

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Treat them with respect and be reasonable about whatever issues you might have. Don’t assume you are always in the right.

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@FutureMemory Do you provide advice that you don’t believe is right? Or for that matter, do you proffer opinions you don’t believe? Finally, do you believe there is an objective reality that can be subjectively determined? Do you believe you can determine an objective reality?

I agree that people should be treated with respect. But the rest of it doesn’t seem possible to me. Either you are on your side or you are against yourself, but there is no such thing as reasonable, and if you don’t think you are in the right, then you have no business asserting anything, although it is fine to ask questions.

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You can just send me some guacamole. ;)

In all seriousness, there isn’t a way. I frequently mod some of my best friends here.

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^^ says the man someone just threatened to kill, haha.

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@augustlan Like hell there’s not a way! That ain’t what you tell me every time I overpower you, take your whip, and go all Fifty Shades of Gray on your ass…

augustlan's avatar

There is that. :p

cookieman's avatar

^^ Wouldn’t that be 50 shades of red, considering the whip and all?

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Well, I’m not brutal, but maybe a little red…

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@wildpotato Damn kappa, running around pilfering ass balls. that’s my job

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@Symbeline Additional bit of trivia: kappas provided the inspiration for Koopa Troopas. So that’s what they want from Mario, apparently.

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In Final Fantasy VI, your character can get turned into an ’‘imp’’. It’s easy to remedy…but there are sets of equipment in the game; imp halberd, imp shield and imp mail. Only a character turned into an imp can equip this stuff, and if you change the name of the character to ’‘Kappa’’ while turned into an imp and with the equipment, his statistics jump through the roof and you become this little green killing machine. Lol.

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There are mods here?

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Wow. No wonder you have so many problems with moderation. You basically just said you never think you’re wrong, or are even capable of being wrong.

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Well, that’s true. I’m not capable of being wrong. But that’s not a moderatable offense around here.

Oh wait. I was wrong once…..

Naw. Just kidding.

But seriously. I’m not sure why you extending this to an absurd length. I’m saying that I say things I believe are correct. I never say things I do not believe to be true, unless I’m being sarcastic and deliberately acting in a way to make a point through absurdity. Like how I started this post.

I can and have stated things as truth that I later found out might not be things I still believed. But at the time I said them, I believed them. I would never say something I don’t believe (except rhetorically or sarcastically, etc). That would be lying. To proffer an idea that I did not think was true as truth would be quite unethical.

When I am uncertain about things, I say so. I do not offer those ideas as things I stand behind, again, with the proviso that if I’m being funny or sarcastic, or trying things on for size, I might act as if I believe in something that I don’t believe. But that’s just playing around. Not something I would do seriously, the way you seem to suggest you would do. Perhaps I am misunderstanding what you mean, though.

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The only time Wundy was ever wrong is when he thought he made a mistake! :D

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<—- has no idea but appreciates it

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