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Lacrosse people: How can I improve my left hand skills?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) January 2nd, 2013 from iPhone

This year I really want to make Varsity. The main thing our coach said he wanted was to get our left hand up to the level of our right hand, and really be able tondo anything with our left hand.

Not only do I not have anyone in my family household to practice with, I have no idea how to improve my left hand skills.

I read an article that said to just start doing things with my left hand, little things like opening doors with my left hand, small things.

Any things to do to become a better lefty?

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I am not a Lacrosse player, but I taught myself to use my left hand for shooting and writing. You just need to practice with it.

One thing you can do, take an extra half hour and copy your homework long hand with your left hand.

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I would say learning how to wind up while in motion using your left handed shot. This includes getting used to always leading the shot with your right foot forward. (I’m not a Lacrosse player)

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Find a friend and practice a lot. Cradling, passing, shooting last. Devote more time to it than your right. You are going to look stupid for a while, but it’s for a good cause.

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My son played basketball, and they would just run all their practice drills from both sides to develop balance. Whatever things you’ve done to strengthen your game skills over the years you’ve played can be done with your other hand.

Practicing other activities left-handed and left-footed can help, too – so change which foot you step up with, play catch, soccer or basketball with your left hand, etc. Activities that use both sides equally to balance muscle development could also help, like swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, etc.

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