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Content protection of items in my home in case of large loss or theft?

Asked by kgoneil (4points) January 2nd, 2013

I recieved a letter in the mail today from a company wanting help us in case of an insurance large such as fire, flood, theft or wind/tornado damage to my home. What they do is charge a fee and come into your home and take photos of all your content such as tv, funiture, guns, all jewlery etc… They will also make note of any seriel numbers that may be on a certain product, such as dishwashers and hvac units. They will keep this on file and you will have access to add to this is if you buy new items or change items. The reason they do this is because insurance companies will only pay what you can prove if you have a large loss. I know these losses are few and far between but if something did happen I think I would not to be protected. The fees range from $250—$600 and lot of it depends on how much stuff you really have in your home. They will also charge a yearly fee of only $9.95 a year. I thinks this is a great idea because a lot of us say we are going to do this and store in a safty deposit box but we never do. Does this seem like a good idea to any of you? And do the prices seem reseasonble? The also will give us claim advise in case of a loss

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