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My puppy has a knot under her skin near her neck does anyone know wat this could be?

Asked by bsettz (5points) January 2nd, 2013 from iPhone

I have a 9 week old puppy. She has a semi large knot under her skin similar to a cyst under a humans skin. I just noticed it. Does anyone know what this maybe.

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It’s hard to say. It could be a localized reaction to a vaccine, if she’s mircrochipped it could be the chip, or it could be a cyst. As long as it doesn’t get bigger, start to driain, or she starts acting like she doesn’t feel well, you’re probably fine to keep an eye on it ( and don’t squeeze or pick at it). Have the vet take a look when she goes in for her next vaccine.

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It could be a Lipoma, which is a fat deposit under the skin. They’re very common and harmless.

Where is this lump? Are there any others?

I’d take the pup to the vet just to be safe.

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The knot is on the side of her neck. Its just the 1 knot. She ran into the wall really hard the other day. But i dont think thats what caused it. Because the knot moves under the skin. She seems fine her normally playful self. But im worried im calling the vet in the morning. She did just get her shots culd it be a reaction.

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