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What is the best place vacation location in America?

Asked by shniernan (981points) January 2nd, 2013

Well, to begin with, I’ll state the limitations of this vacation, and explain the reason for it. My family has a tradition that, as each child of the household reaches the age of 16, they are not given a car or a fancy present for their birthday, but are permitted to vacation anywhere in the Continental U.S. for a week, all expenses (within reason) paid. Now, I am a young jelly on fluther, I found the site when I was around 13, and I am turning 16 soon. I live in beautiful, sunny California… And, not to be conceited… But I can’t think of many better places in the continental U.S. to be!

I suppose my main problem here is that I don’t particularly like America. I enjoy California for Comic-con and other such occasions, and the beautiful beaches and scenery… But I feel this is basically the most America has to offer me. I’m not incredibly interested in New York, I’m iffy on Chicago, Florida isn’t really desirable either, I don’t know much about Washington (Seattle, specifically) and I was wondering about it… I guess I’m looking for somewhere with good food, and good fun. As for fun, I like music, movies, acting, comedians, hiking, and eating.

But I suppose I’m stuck, because (as much as I’d love to visit another country) I’m limited to the continental U.S, and I’ve never really known anywhere better than here…

So, any suggestions on places with great food, fun, and activities for a week, Fluther? Thanks for all the help!

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