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Will I get charged for receiving international calls?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) January 3rd, 2013

My girflriend is spending a month in italy for school and she says there is no wifi to skype with. She is forced to call me from the hotel phone they have in her room by pressing the country code then my number. They charge her ten cents a minute, but how much do they charge me by just picking up and speaking with her?

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If you receive a call, there aren’t additional charges – only the minutes, if you’re using a cell phone. Your friend can look into discount international phone cards and she might be able to find a lower rate than 10ยข per minute. I’m surprised that the hotel doesn’t have WiFi… do they have wired Internet connections in the rooms?

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I don’t think so. I was on the phone with her for 15 minutes and we were trying to keep it short to try and minimize the amount of money it would cost to speak to each other. Apparently internet cafes are really big and are all people really use

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She can buy a cheap cell phone and buy SIM cards all over. That’s what most Italians do. They are pretty cheap.

And she can send you an email once a day, you don’t need to phone very often. 15 years ago people would go weeks and months with out talking on the phone.

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Weeks and months, @zenvelo! How can that be?????~

—Why, when I spent a year in England in ought ‘71, I don’t think we spoke to any US relatives. Not even once. That must of have been… oh… well, a whole year, come to think of it. Hmmmmm. [Wundy has a thoughtful look on his face. Oops. Nope. Just gas.]

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@wundayatta – but did you send postcards or letters?

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@hearkat Indeed we did. I recently got some of them back. Interesting record of the experience.

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@jamzzy Have her ask at the front desk about the internet connection. They might have it but most of them are password protected for security.

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