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What's a good lotion for dry skin?

Asked by Wine (636points) January 3rd, 2013

Once I get into bed after showering and applying lotion, my legs, hands, and feet feel so dry and irritated. It may be because of the sudden change in weather (much colder now) and I can see small sections on my skin that are especially dry and flaky. I was thinking of finding body butter, baby lotion, cocoa butter, or a cream.

Which do you recommend would do the best job?
I already maintain a decently healthy diet and drink plenty of water, but are there extra things I can do to help keep my skin hydrated?

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I like the Nuetrogena products.

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After experimenting with many lotions and oils, I use this lavender scented massage and moisterizing oil. My skin is now permanently dry as I age.

I rub a little on my hair in between shamooing when it is flyaway.

I give it as the perfect small gift .

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I like Aveeno. They have a specific lotion for eczema that is amazing (even if you don’t have eczema).

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Any moisturizing lotion. I prefer very very lightly or non scented. Rub it into your fingernails too. It makes them stronger,

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Eucerin is recommended by dermatologists, but it doesn’t smell pretty if you care about that. Clarins has a special hand cream that is very very good.

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I use Nivia on my face after I shave. It is the best thing that I ever used. It’s even better than baby oil.

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I use Glysomed. It feels a bit greasy, but it does a great job. Heals my hands in no time when they get cracked from bleach water.

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This lotion made from HEMP is the best stuff ever. It works great on super dry skin.

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I use Lubriderm fragrance free.

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(Duplicate post)

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After developing intermittent sensitivities to unidentified health and beauty ingredients, I am making my own lotion. I blend coconut oil, almond oil and grapeseed oil.

I also recommend exfoliating the dry skin flakes with a scrub. I use a BufPuf body sponge and Dove sensitive skin body wash.

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Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Cream.

It puts the lotion on its skin!

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As for scrubs, there are a lot of home recipes for sugar scrubs that have oils to moisturizer, as well. Pintrest has do-it-yourself recipes, or you can just do a web search. I trust ones from spas or beauty publications more than any random poster.

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@hearkt; Jojoba oil is good, either alone or mixed with your aforementioned ingredients, as is vitamin E oil.

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@gailcalled – Those aren’t as easy to find (though I admit I didn’t try very hard—I’ve only just started this DIY process). I did incorporate some MiraCell which is a blend of good oils, but is too pricey for me to use on my whole body.

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This from Trader Joe’s, is the best not oil body lotion I have found.

But this Home Health Almond Glow Oil beats anything else I have tried.

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@gailcalled – Lavender is one of 2 ingredients that I am certain gives me a reaction, and it is ridiculously popular lately, and is in that oil.

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There are several other versions w/o the lavender. How about scentless or rose?

The rose aroma is subtle, delicate and disappears within ten minutes.

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Rose is questionable. I usually go for unscented when available.

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