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Did you ever want to drug your parents?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 3rd, 2013


There’s a kid in California who drugged her parents so she could stay up after 10 pm on the internet. The parents then turned her in to the police. [sarcasm] She was only an adopted daughter, after all. /[sarcasm]

How far did you want to go when you were still living in your parent’s house? Or how far did you go? What made you [want to] do that?

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If I am going to drug my mom, it’ll be for something far more worth it than the Internet, like not taking her abuse anymore. I’ve thought about it, believe you me.

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No. I would never think of drugging anyone.

I have suggested to my parents maybe they need some xanax. LOL. Half joking half serious.

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Nope, my parents went to bed before me from the time I was ten.

The girl who drugged her parents had done it before, which is why the parents had her sent to juvie. That family needs some counseling before it completely falls apart.

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No. The thought of harming my parents never crossed my mind. Ever.

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Mine did pretty well on their own. There was no need.

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@Tachys answer shows me what a Stranger in a Strange Land I am now. As far as I knew, there were no such things as drugs when I was a kid. I knew alcohol would mess with someone’s mind, but the thought of spiking my parent’s coffee never entered my mind. Even if it had, I would have had no idea how to get the hooch to pull it off, or cover its taste so they wouldn’t be on to me.

Oh how times have changed in 68 years. I’m now a walking pharmacopeia. I could synthesize undetectable substances and pull off the caper with nobody being the wiser. Of course, my parents now long since dead, and I can stay on the Internet as long as i can keep myself awake, so there isn’t much point considering it.

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What that girl did was truly justifiable. Apparently she went on Fluther that night. : )

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I will drug myself and still use the internet. LOL

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Wow, that’s a pretty big step to take, just to play around online. It never would have occurred to me, but of course my mother was not strict at all. Still, I can’t imagine doing something like that unless the parents were abusive, and you drugged them in order to get away safely.

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I did once. My father was a drunk and sometimes got nasty. I put a sedative in his beer. He went to sleep.

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Nah. My mother ran at a good level of sedation all on her own. My stepfather used to spike her coffee with B12 in hopes of getting some energy into her frigid bones.

I suspect she was stealing his Xanax.

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@Only138 That explains a lot XD

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I would have given my stepdad a joint. Not a joint of lamb obviously. A big, fat, mile long spliff so he could chill the hell out. He was just such a stresshead when I was living with my folks.

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In hindsight drugging my mom at pivotal points in my childhood would have circumvented a lot of trauma and grief.

As adults we strategically get my MIL drunk to avoid her rantings.

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