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How to get revenge on a friend who betrayed me?

Asked by Dunkeepcalm (25points) January 4th, 2013 from iPhone

We had been best friends for two years and she was cool. It was always great to have her around. Then one day she just started hanging out with two other girls and always laughed with them for nonsense things that I don’t really find funny. Sometimes I feel like she also has forgotten about me so I was very moody. I hate her for that. Then suddenly, she just told me that she thinks we shouldn’t be friends anymore. So…yeah. For that I really really really hate her and want to get revenge on her but I have no idea how to do it. Please help people! And I know most of you will just say make new friends but that is impossible because everyone already has besties so there is nowhere for me to fit in. ( BTW guys, I’m still in primary school so no stupid ideas )Please help! :(

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Revenge is a bad idea. If you take revenge on a girl who has good friends, you will isolate yourself further from your social group.

I understand that it will be hard for you to make other friends, but someone who openly says that they don’t want to be your friend really isn’t worth your while anyway. It sounds like you just lost a bad friend, and in many ways a bad friend is worse than no friends.

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Give up on revenge. The best revenge is to forget about her and move on. If you look around I am sure there is someone youycould be friends with.

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The best revenge is to do nothing. She will torture herself waiting for something to happen.

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Thanks guys for taking time to answer this question. I know that all your answers are the correct thing to do, and yes FireMadeFlesh I feel that she is not a sincere friend. I know that I should just forget about her and I also wish that she would forget about me too. But sometimes she gossips with her friends about me and stares at me. I have no idea what she is thinking about. She herself decided that she did not want to be friends with me. So I don’t understand why doesn’t she just forget about me and live her life on? :(

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@Dunkeepcalm Shallow, insecure people often try to get ‘in’ with a group by picking on someone who appears to be an easy target. They think it will make them look big, and amuse their new friends. Unfortunately because she has hurt you already, so causing you further irritation is an easy way for her to make her way into the group.

So what should you do about it? Play the “big dog”. When a bunch of little dogs are fighting, a big dog barely stirs. It doesn’t get involved in the little dogs’ disputes, because such petty fights are beneath it. Look on her antics with a mixture of pity and contempt. If you give off the impression that her behaviour doesn’t affect you, then soon enough it really won’t affect you.

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Interesting thing about revenge. Thinking about doing it hurts you, and actually perpetrating it does, too.

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@Pachyderm In The Room, that’s not really helpful….no offense though…

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