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What is the best cell phone signal booster on the market?

Asked by enelson (13points) January 4th, 2013

My boss has a 34 acre property in a rural area. He wants to be able to make calls without them consistently dropping and send/receive texts in a reasonably quick manner.
I have started researching cell phone signal boosters. I don’t need the kind that attaches to the phone. I am looking for one that has an antenna, amplifier, etc. I also need one that can boost the signal significantly over the 1.5 million square foot property.
I have seen some of the stuff that Wi-Ex offers, and it seems pretty high quality. I’m wondering if there are other options out there as well.

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I live in a similar area with similar problems and a company with a monopoly on cheap equipment and not enough staff. They provide crappola DSL.

I find that if I stand on the roof of my car in my driveway, sometimes (but not always) that helps.

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Samsung makes one that Verizon Wireless markets:

It requires a high speed data connection ( Cable, DSL . . . satellite }.

It acts as a mini cell tower. Works on data (3G) and voice but only for Verizon Wireless (PCS) cell phones.

I don’t know if will cover an area of 34 acres.

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I spoke with Verizon earlier, unfortunately it doesn’t work with satellite, which is what we have.

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Have the cell company put a tower on the property.

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Which satellite provide is he using??

Some have a phone bundle with TV and internet.

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We use WildBlue

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Many providers provide some sort of solution you can use in rural areas. Both of Australia’s largest networks, Telstra and Optus, provide a booster setup where you connect an antenna high over your house and connect that antenna to a repeater. Your phone connects to the repeater and your repeater connects to the nearest cell tower.

They are not cheap though. The ones i mentioned are about AU$1000. Ask your provider about them. US providers may have a similar system. This explains the ones used by the Australian networks.

Best of all. No broadband required.

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