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Would you threaten someone's life over ketchup?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 4th, 2013

Apparently this guy would. LOL

This is so stupid, but yet it’s true.

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Only if he/she insists on putting it on my hot dog.

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Nah, I wouldn’t have the bottle.

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Yahoo news?!

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Yes. It’s like, oh so you sack mothers don’t carry ketchup, do you? Well then I’ll just PUT YOUR BLOOD IN MY SAMMICH WAAAAAAARRRGHH!!

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Ketchup doesn’t belong on hot dogs. It degrades the hot dog, which is already disgusting, because it’s made from buttholes and Lady Gaga CD’s.

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No. But people kill people for less. One time, this guy stabbed a bus driver here in NYC because his metrocard was empty and the busdriver wouldn’t let him on the bus.

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@AshLeigh Yeah, although I’d much rather enjoy a nasty butthole than her CD’s. :D

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Threaten? Oh well. That’s just threatening. Sure, I’d threaten someone’s life over ketchup. I mean, who wouldn’t? You know. Ketchup. It’s a vegetable.

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I don’t believe this story, what’s your sauce? :¬)

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Subway doesn’t have ketchup? That is shocking.

I agree ketchup on a hot dog is disgusting. Although, the article said the guy ordered a philly steak I though.

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Ketchup, no. Beer…............(I’m thinking. I’m thinking)….......Ummmmmmmmmmmm, probably not. Maybe, Not sure

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Ketchup on a philly cheesesteak seems worse than ketchup on a hotdog to me.

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@dxs I disagree, but I would not use ketchup on either. I never thought about it before that I don’t use ketchup on heroes/subs. I don’t eat that sort of thing much. Although, near my high school there was a sub shop and they had a sub that was basically like a hamburger with cheese and onions and it was delicious! I think I probably put ketchup on it.

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Yes :-D

lmao kidding. Never. But I love ketchup. Almost as much as Tabasco

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@cutiepi92 I always think of Sylvester from Looney Tunes when I see that word, “tabathco sauthhhhh! :¬)

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Inny sumbytch tries take ma ketchup, he’s a ded sumbytch!

What? I like ketchup, geez!

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In all seriousness, that story is simultaneously funny and disturbing.

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No… I hate ketchup.
On the other hand, if it were mustard, I would stab a beach!

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A cheesesteak without ketchup is, I’m told, like a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips.

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In Australia ketchup is called tomato sauce and it is like gold. You will NEVER see a bottle of it on your table in the diner. And most places you have to pay 50 cents for a tiny little packet of it that when you try to open it, squirts all over anyone near you. There have been many times in the last 15 years I perhaps could have killed for some ketchup!

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Ketchup on a cheese steak and he calls himself a connoisseur? What’s next…..Ketchup on Filet Mignon?

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@rooeytoo I’m sorry to hear that. Ketchup is way overused here, and I could send you bottles and bottles lol.

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Generic or name brand?

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My favorite brand here is called White Crow. I can’t figure it out??? But it’s pretty good ketchup. Now if I could just find some decent pretzels!

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Wataburger ketchup is the best in America and would maybe be worth a slap fight. No Wataburgers near you?

Too bad :(

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Yeah, if it isn’t Heinz who cares anyway.

@rooeytoo I know when I was in England many years ago a ketchup at McDonald’s was 6p. We fund that so odd as Americans.

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@woodcutter – I never even heard of that brand. I will have to request some in my next care package from over there!

@JLeslie – that is interesing, because here, Macca’s is one of the few places where they will give you packets free!

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@rooeytoo Fast food does vary in whether they will just set packets out to take, or if you have to ask for them. Asking for them should control better how many each customer gets, but often I will tell the person behind the counter I need three and they give me five. They don’t seem to care usually. A lot of places have little cups and if you are eating in you just fill up the cups from a ketchup thingy that has a pump. You can take as much as you want. I have never seen a charge for ketchup, or mustard for that matter, in America anywhere.

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