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What turns you on spiritually?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1809points) January 4th, 2013

I’m not sure what exactly it means, but seen it asked somewhere else and wanted to know what they meant by it.

Or can just answer what turns you on spiritually.

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Certain kinds of music, certain scenery, certain people. This is when I know for sure I have a soul.

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I believe they’re trying to ask “What stimulates your spirituality?”, leading me to assume that literature is not their forte…

And like @Shippy said, I think they’re asking what makes you spiritual? What activities make you feel spiritual?

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Inner beauty. When a woman’s inner beauty shines through it’s spiritual to me.

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The fact that gravity can be explained by the curvature of spacetime.

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Stoned, in a New Mexican desert

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Today, I saw a pear tree that had just recently begun to turn its colors. Its upper boughs bore crimson leaves, which gently cascaded down the tree to the golden foliage of its lower boughs. Viewed from a distance, the tree gave the appearance of a perfectly gradient ochre spectrum. The sight of this tree literally stopped me in my tracks.

That, I would say, turned me on spiritually.

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praises and worship

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I asked a friend this, she responded “Spiritually? Wtf” haha. Guess no one knows what it means.

Think it is personal preference since really it could be anything, yea?

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I most spiritual when I feel so bad that thoughts of death come over me. I’m suffering now with a serious heart condition in which my heart beats inefficiently and I have a lot trouble dealing with it. I don’t believe that Jesus is God but I find myself on my knees begging Jesus for help. It may be more of a mental issue than a physiological one for me I suppose that causes me to behave this way. On the other hand my in efficient lazy heart just may not be able to deliver adequate oxygen to my brain cells that causes my delirium. I have thought about doing my self in, but I could never put such pain on my wife.

Also I have thought about Karma and what have I done to deserve this? My wife told me that I might have done something very bad in a past life, But I think that it was because I voted for George W. Bush. HA! Oh that hurt.

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Just about everything in nature is a spiritual orgasm of the mind to me. The perfection of it all just stupefies me. The vastness the Milky Way Galaxy, the quantum properties of the infinitesimally small electron. It’s all so perfectly designed.

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What does “spiritual” even mean? I will tell you. It means nothing. It is meaningless.
None of it is designed.

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A few nights ago I was in Botswana sitting outside a lodge in the middle of no where and the full moon as my only light and a halo was around the moon and I felt so at peace. I think it’s at that very moment I reached the conclusion, when you can sit and smoke pot under the full moon in Africa with animal sounds in the far distance it’s safe to say that is a real spiritual turn on!

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Yes, nature, and that infinite connection is where it’s at.
I live on 5 secluded acres in the Sierra foothills and it is bliss out to the 10th power.
Heading out to my hot tub for a little star gazing communion right now!
Really…this life is so fleeting, but the universe is forever.

Mind blowingly beautiful it is.

@antimatter How wonderful! Toss a little herbal essence my way. :-D

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i guess for me the question is asking what can continually thrill and surprise me, “something” that is really beyond my control, but which affects me so personally. My answer is my realizing how the future, that is whatever happens every new day, eventually seems destined. I’m convinced that there is a power which generates a future that ends up seeming so simple and true, yet very few of us can even imagine what it will be.

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When I stand on the beach, look at that ocean and realize how small we all really are, and in 100 years, it’ll still be here and I wont.

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@ragingloli I suspect that none of it is designed, but we do not currently know that, and it may in fact prove to be unknowable. Perhaps I should have explained in more detail what I meant by the designed. I meant that the interrelation is staggering. And the fact that it just came that way doesn’t leave me yearning for a creator God to be the intelligent designer.

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@Coloma that’s so true!

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Anything that serves as a reminder to



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I was not expecting this array of answers. I figure it was cut and dry or that I must be out of the loop for not knowing haha.

Seems like there is triggers for some people, in particular visual. Maybe a moment in which everything feels right.

I couldn’t tell though if the more scientific responses were serious or sarcastic? Like do you mean that having knowledge of it brings you sense of calm or peace? Or spiritually if that makes any sense. But then again it just brings back the point to me anyways that it is really preference to the person I believe.

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It’s easier to say what doesn’t make me feel spiritual. That would be anything connected with large corporations , money or crowds of noisy people.

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@flutherother Yeah, a rare few are enlightened enough to be able to zen out in all negative environments. I’m with you on the corporations…egads, if I was confined to a cubicle as some robotic sociopathic cog in the machine I’d probably go on a shooting spree myself. lol

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People keeping their spirituality to themselves.

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@Crashsequence2012 That’s an interesting response. You don’t often see people proselytizing their spirituality (unless they’re selling books or something). They’re more inclined to simply practice their spirituality.

You would have no way of knowing unless that person felt comfortable enough to share that information with you.

The only other way you would whether someone practices some form of spirituality would be to actively seek them out.

Like…in a thread directed toward people who practice spirituality.

But that’s ridiculous!

Who in their right mind would go out of their way to involve themselves with something they’re not interested in?

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@CuriousLoner I guess I’m one of those science types, but I mean it in just as profound a way as do those who experience spiritual awe or ecstasy before a crucifix or in bowing to Mecca. Appreciating the grandeur and incredibly fine-tuned perfection of everything I look into in the Universe is as powerful a spiritual experience as I can imagine anyone having.

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Beautiful and pristine natural landscapes, certain types of music, unexpected kindness of strangers, reading of sacred texts of different world religions and intentionally induced altered states of consciousness can and often do awake in me feelings of divine rapture and “turn me on” spiritually.

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Well I wouldn’t use that term myself, it sounds sexual. I can tell you what inspires me, spiritually. I’ve mentioned in here before that I am an agnostic, and I understand that some folks of my ilk have issues with people of faith. However, I respect people who walk the walk and not just talk the talk. My dad wad friends with a Presbyterian Minister once, who worked in India during the time of Partition. He would stick out his own neck to smuggle Hindus out of Pakistan into India, and then take Muslims out of India to Pakistan, to save them from the sect violence that was happening. He has, and always will have my utmost respect. And the same for any person of faith who actually puts into practice what the preach.

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