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Anyone think that there will be Firefox mobile in the iPhone Apps Store?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) June 8th, 2008

I have visited Mozilla’s website and it looks like they are in test stages of a mobile version of Firefox that also works on Touch Screen UI!

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Sure looks like its being made for the iPhone, it will probably have extras like add ons and such.

I don’t see why it can’t be in the AppStore.

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Eventually. But I wouldn’t count on seeing it anytime soon. Maybe in a year or two. And the development of Firefox is transparent. You will hear about it if they ever get it working. Its development won’t be a secret.

And it looks like they are focusing on Windows Mobile. Not the iPhone.

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I don’t think so john, look at the interface, it’s very Apple like. The linked document also mentions iPhone on more than one occasion.

“One thing to consider is simply scrolling the title bar off the top of the screen when you scroll down through the page, as the iPhone does.”

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It is “Apple Like” because they are copying Apple. And yes the document mentions the iPhone twice. As in we should copy mobile Safari here. And the images are most likely made in Photoshop or the Gimp. It isn’t a real thing yet.

Like I said. They will probably do it but don’t expect it anytime soon. Certainly not at WWDC tomorrow.

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of course no, but it also mentions “swipping” and why would they copy detail by detail of safari with the loading progress bar for another platform?

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i just wonder why you’d want to switch on a mobile device, i don’t think the mobile version would support a lot of plugins…so why i ask you.. why ?

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im pretty sure that if firefox tried to release this app, apple will not allow it

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Why wouldn’t they? Competition? Surely, Apple would allow it.

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Apple has to approve every app that goes into the iPhone’s new App Store. They had over 25,000 people submit their apps for approval and only 4,000 developers actually got approved. So needless to say, they are being extremely conservative about what apps they actually let into their closed system. I don’t think they’d allow FireFox unless there was sufficient consumer demand considering how integrated Safari is into the iPhone software. On top of that, non-native apps aren’t allowed to run as background processes, so that might hamper FireFox’s normal advantages over Safari.

FireFox would undoubtedly be the browser of choice on any future phone running Google’s Android (which supports touchscreens) though- I’d bet money on that.

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