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Does fluther still have the penalty box around for the bad boys and girls of fluther?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 5th, 2013

I’m just wondering. I know I spent a lot of time in there a few years back.

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We’ve never had a ‘penalty box’, so I think you may be thinking of some other Q & A site. We do suspend or ban people occasionally, for repeatedly breaking the guidelines.

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Nah, the “bad boys & girls” are ordered to stand in the corner bashing each other about the head & face with a wet fish.

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Most of them got run out of town. There’s at least one left though.

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Yeah. Me.

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Not a box, really, but Auggie likes to make us stand with our noses in the corner, while she chants hysterically (and nekkid) over a cauldron. I think it’s supposed to be a scare tactic, but it just turns me on.

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Shh @WillWorkForChocolate If everyone knows that @augustlan is standing over them nekked, they will all be bad.

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AnswerBag had the Penalty Box, but Fluther never had that.

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I was tossed in there a couple of times for being obscene, surprised I wasn’t a permanent resident.

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You get put into a Chat Room in isolation!

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@ucme I was tossed in there before too, but I can’t remember why lol. All I remember is being drunk as Hell that time, and the notes they send you in your mail saying why you’re in the box weren’t very specific. Whatever I wrote, it got taken down so I couldn’t see haha.

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Reading between the lines they should have just said to me, “fuck off ya foul mouthed twat!!”
I’d have respected them so much more XD

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I was never a penalty box resident. hahahahaha. :)

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The can give time-outs and have.

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Are there cookies in this “box”?

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Yes. There’s also lotion in the basket in the box…

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Ooh, very nice.

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@Symbeline You’re right.


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in da penalteh box wiff j00! XD

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