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What should I name my car?

Asked by skwerl88 (532points) June 8th, 2008

She’s a 1987 Porsche 924s. Red, great condition. Looking for something “seductive”

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fire crotch?

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That is seductive to you? I find that a little disturbing – although not altogether surprising….

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I don’t know. Stephen King’s “Christine” certainly loved its owner.

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I didn’t know people were still into naming their car!?

How about Cherry?

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That’s what I mean… is a little disturbing that you associate that with a seductive car name…..I’m just saying!

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Well, some have told me that I’m disturbed, if you can believe that!

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I associate Lola with Lolita too much…

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Don’t. Lola = The Kinks, Lolita = Nabokov. 100% different.

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After the chick you couldn’t get in high school.

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There’s too many of those to just pick one…

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well then… Roxanne? You could sing Sting songs to her every time you opened her doors.

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How about Victoria ? I like the name because it is from the older years, yet its elegant and powerful. also in your case “seductive”.

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Jessica Rabbit.

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Name her Betty Page, or after another classic pin-up girl.

Ha, my two of my friends and I danced to “Roxanne” for our final in high school.

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How bout Adriana or Alessandra? Those are the names of my two favorite Victoria Secret models.

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It’s a German car; Marlena* (I also like Lola: “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets, and little man, little Lola wants you” Damn Yankees and stolen by the Kinks. Musical comedy that debuted in 1955 and ran for over 1100 performances.


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cherry blossom

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I named mine Jessica, it’s a really crappy name. I’m thinking about changing it to Jenny…

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Sorry if you’re name is Jessica…anyone, it’s just not a car name :/

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