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What would be a catchy name for a new coffee brand?

Asked by MatChup (204points) January 5th, 2013

I have a few contacts directly to a few farmers in Vietnam. I went to Vietnam three years ago to teach English in various cities in the southern part of th country. Now, a few years later a friend contacted me and told me she wants to sell directly to stores bypassing the distributor. She told me they are currently selling 200 tons of coffee monthly at a very low price. I am just trying to come up with a catchy name and I thought the collective would have better ideas than just me.

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Nam Ko Phi

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what’s the meaning of that in plain English?

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Coffee from Vietnam is the diea; not really Vietnamese.

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True Brew

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@Sunny2, that’s more like it what I’m looking for. Thanks for your input.

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Edit: idea

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@janbb I genuinely can’t stop laughing!

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What would this name sound like: KickIn’ Coffee ? What connotation does it bring up?

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I think hooves pounding on the dirt and it sounds nasty to me.

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I was just looking over Terra coffee. Although Terra is an Italian name, it comes from the word Tierra in Spanish which means from the soil. Since Terra Coffee already exists, I was thinking about the name “Of the Soil”, which translated to Semi Italian, could be “D’Terra Coffee”

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Consider the word Cup in the name and add your own adjective. Perfect? Best? Friendly? My Favorite?

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They are selling coffee within Vietnam? Or to America? The audience matters a lot.

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@Sunny2, thanks for your ideas. I’m looking all the possibilities: Sapid Cup, Piquant Cup, Optim Cup, Primo Cup.
@jaytkay. mainly USA, but worldwide not locally in Vietnam

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Uncle Ho’s Joe

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Out House Blend – as opposed to House Blend

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@Shippy, thanks for your feedback but Out House Blend is already taken, look
However, the noun/verb “blend” adds another set of possibilities.

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lục địa Châu Âu – Continent Blend

Châu Á Blend – Asian Blend

or Blend of Châu Á – Blend of Asia

Hương vị of Asia – Taste of Asia

Thơm of Asia Taste of Asia

Mịn House Blend – Smooth House Blend

Nhà Blend -House Blend

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Don’t You Just Love The Smell Of Coffee In The Morning?!

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@MatChup Thơm of Asia Taste of Asia

I quite like that without the affect on the o, Thorn of Asia which is taste of Asia (Vietnamese)

The Thorn of Asia

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Maybe consider trying to use the term “Orient” or “Oriental” since Vietnam does come under that description…so Oriental Blend, Coffee from the Orient etc

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Well..I’d suggest a little Vietnamese opium blend myself.
I think the real money will be in marketing the creamer.
Those happy Vietnamese cows chest high in Opium poppies.

Ho Chi Minh Cow creamer.

The happiest cows are Vietnamese cows. I know, I have seen them chewing their heroin cud. lol

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I appreciate all of your suggestions. I will take all of your ideas into account. I will first look up if any of these names are already taken, then I will visit a SCORE branch to consult them about their ideas as well. I will give them the sample names you suggested.

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