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What do you think about the "Pay It Forward" concept?

Asked by Gigi (53points) June 8th, 2008
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And any fun examples to share?

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I have a friend that had an older car and he decided one day to give it to a family a few streets over that were obviously struggling to make ends meet. My friend had the car tuned up by a mechanic then drove it over to these people’s house and offered it to them. He didn’t know the family, he just observed their need. They were most appreciative. I thought it was a cool gesture and although I don’t have a car to give away it made me think about the concept of paying it forward.

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I think it’s a great concept. Anytime someone can do such a self-less act to help another person in need restores my faith in mankind. You see so much of the bad these days because that’s what makes the headlines. I don’t know if I’ve contributed in a pay it forward capasity, but I try to give when I can wether it be money, things, or volunteering my time. I think your friend set a great example.

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A tiny but rewarding gesture is to pay the toll (where it is fixed) for whatever car comes to the tollbooth next. I do it all the time; usually the driver chases me, flags me down, laughs and thanks me. Once, I even was given a ballpoint pen with the driver’s business logo on it. Worth the 50 cents.

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I LOVE this concept (and the movie)! My husband went into the hospital for a couple of days. One night I returned from visiting him to find a bag full of misc. organic groceries and goodies from my son’s classmate (family). I was completely in awe by the generosity of someone I met maybe twice. I was also out front of my house when a neighbor I didn’t even know drove by and gave me bags full of diapers. After these two incidents, I felt it was my turn to pay it forward. While we are a family of four, living on one small income and could use the money, I decided not to sell all my very well-taken care of baby stuff on Craigslist. I gave it to a woman who my hubby used to work with that will be a struggling single mom living with her grandmother. It felt SO good to not only receive but to give. This is something I think about often and plan to do again and again. It is exhilarating!

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I love your story and your example. It is inspiring and I think it does restore our faith in mankind. We don’t have toll booths in our area, but I have let people in front of me when I’m waiting in line at a grocery store and notice that I have many more items than the person behind me does. Some people have responded with a genuine appreciation and others have responded as though it was something I “should” do. Whatever the response, it does feel good. I want to find more ways to exercise this practice. If you have any more stories and can share examples that would be helpful and appreciated.

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